Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Pain! No Gain!

I met with the realtors and came up with a game plan.  More cleaning, sorting, disposing.......when it comes down to it.... It all has to go.  I have hardwood floors in the living room that are in really rough shape so we decided to lay carpet over them.  It will give a clean first impression.  Certainly a better first impression that the hardwood floors.

They came up with a couple more things to be done so yesterday I set out to find a handyman to help me get done what I cannot do on my own.  There are some scary people out there masquerading as handymen.  After talking with a few and having a couple look at the work I need done I decided on one and he will start on Thursday.  So onward I go.

 Next weekend if the weather cooperates (big if in winter wonderland I will be starting on the outside.  My son in law will be available one day next weekend with his pick up so we will be making more runs to the dump.  The yard is definitely looks worse than I recall from fall.  Now if it just doesn't snow before than.

I am certainly battling  feelings of being overwhelmed.  Sometimes paralyzed.  But the next day, it is all here waiting for me again.  I just have to push past the feelings to get it done.  This must be the pain they are talking about with the no pain, no gain.  Well I'm feeling plenty of pain!! 


  1. We've all been there. It's like they say, just concentrate on one part of the elephant. You can't move the whole elephant at once, but if you do it little by little, before you know it, you'll be remembering it all as you're driving down the road, smiling! Oh, yes, I remember that moment. You'll get there. :)

  2. Feeling your pain....I got the linen closets and bathrooms all cleaned out. Working on some camper mods and domicile planning. Trying to sell the house should be lots of fun :O( One day closer....soon this will all be a memory! Hang in there!

  3. I have all the confidence in your ability to get this done! Just make a list and make it as detailed as possible. Break things into small projects so you can mark something off each day. I was so overwhelmed at first and the list made it a bit easier. You can do it. Just remember each morning when you dress to put on your big girl panties and you will fly through it!

  4. I keep remembering that I can usually see the next step I need to do. I sometimes can't see past that one step, but if I just get up and do it, then the next step comes into view. So far its working here.

  5. Breathe in - breathe out...now don't you feel better? Definitely a big job but nothing you can't handle. You're a doer and you'll get 'er done. Keep your chin up and your eye on the prize.

  6. Im surprised they suggested carpet instead of refinishing wood floors. What area of the country are you in?

    Will you be renting or using some storage space? We know we want to get rid of the majority of stuff but there's some family items (needlework passed down) I want to keep for the eventual day when were older and in some apartment somewhere.

    1. This house will appeal to families (5 bedroom) and it is a mini-ranch sitting across from a vegetable farm. As a result the hardwood floors have taken a terrible beating. The carpet will give it a clean and well manicured look and will be advertized with hardwood floors below. The other issue involved is the time, odors associated with refinishing and the issue of 'trying' to keep kitties off the floor while they are drying. Last but not least the cost of carpet and installation is less than refinishing. The bedrooms all have hardwood and the kitchen, dining is a laminate 'wood' plank floor. I hope it looks good when it is all done!

  7. I also was surprised about the carpet. Unless it is way cheaper than refinishing the floor.

    But yes you will get it done and be smiling on the down the road.

    Good Luck

  8. Shadowmoss is right. One step at a time. Don't even look at the big picture. Just step by step. You are on your way to your dream and you are going to make it. For sure!