Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The House has a new Hat

it has been an eventful week.  Last Wednesday the roofers started tearing off the old roof shingles.  In two and a half days they had it all done through some of the worst weather.  It was below freezing, sleeting, hailing, snowing and blowing.  I certainly admire their dedication and fortitude.  This was one project my feet stayed firmly on the ground.  My only job was to provide steaming coffee to cold workers.

Watch out for Lolita!!

On Saturday morning at 6:30 the truck arrived to deliver the shingles.  My nerves were frazeled by the time they had them on the roof.


Fortunately, the experienced driver moved the shingles onto the roof without any accidents.

I however, may never be the same!   
The roofing was done in one day with the ridgecap installed the next morning. 

And the finished roof will satisfy any inspector and homeowner.

     It feels good to have one more step completed.  
I'm certainly ready to be DONE!


  1. Congrats on being one BIG step closer to your freedom. Love your house, BTW.

  2. Having a new roof is a big selling point I think. Your getting closer to your dream.

  3. WAY TO GO!! Now that is a big step on your way. The house is darling. You'd better be ready to move on a moment's notice since I think it will sell pronto once it's on the market.

  4. My house has roof envy. I'm hoping to get out of mine with just(!) the new porch.

  5. That's a huge job out of the way. Nothing like a brand new roof! I've been through the noise of having a roof installed, not mine, but a neighbors. I thought they'd never be done.

  6. Your house has curb appeal! Hope it will sell soon!!

  7. Glad the roof is now finished! I know the workers were grateful for all the hot coffee!

  8. Good thing the contractor you hired used a lifter to get those shingles up on the roof. It could’ve taken them longer to finish the roofing if they don’t have this machine. Congrats on your new roof! ->Allyson Duguay

  9. Having something new on our house is always exciting! And the men you hired are really good at what they do. They got the job done without any accidents, and that’s what we hope for, right? Congrats on your new roof!

    Brook Daily

  10. It’s always a delight to have our goals achieved, no? And I am more than happy to know that you had your shingles done with ease. The steaming coffee must have helped the workers a lot throughout the freezing weather. Congratulations on your new roof!

    Lakisha Autin