Saturday, February 9, 2013

Making Dreams Come True

It has been a busy couple of days.  Yesterday I made another trip to the dump with my little pick-up.

 I must be crazy.... I love going to the dump.

As hard as the work is, it is also freeing.   I drive away from the garbage transfer station... one step closer to my dreams.

Each day another step.

Each day one step closer.

Thursday I paid a handyman to help me take apart the sliding glass door to the patio.  We cleaned it and put it back together again and it slides like a greased pig.  It has been important for me to recognize that sometimes I need help and find a way to just get it done.  Two hours with a handyman is a lot less expensive than a new slider door with installation.

Friday I worked on the bathroom.  I re-stained a cabinet above the toilet. Spilled a can of stain on me and the bathtub.  Not to worry, the bathtub and I cleaned up with paint thinner and a lot of Dawn soap.  I swear Dawn Soap works miracles.  It should be in every RV emergency kit along with duct tape and WD 40.

In honesty I should admit I fell off the counter in the bathroom.  I know I shouldn't be standing on the counter.  For heavens sake I have enough trouble standing on solid land.  But I did manage to stain the wood next to the ceiling before my tumble.  I'm a bit sore but fortunately I wasn't badly hurt.....this time.  I must be more careful, as I certainly don't need any more broken bones.

Today I was fortunate to have some help.  My son-in-law and his friend came with a big pick-up and we loaded yard waste and old yard toys and off to the dump they went.  An old work bench from down stairs, a broken chest of drawers and much more that I had piled up.

Gone, Gone, Gone!

My handyman was back this afternoon with a solid wood replacement front door.  He picked it up at Habitat for Humanity for $15.  Two hours later and it's in place to welcome a new owner.

I'm pooped and  I'm done for the day.   I hope I have the energy to eat!!!


  1. I think you are doing have accomplished so much! Good going!

  2. wow, at this rate you will be ready to hit the road very soon. Not thrilled to hear you fell again.......I have finally gotten in the habit of letting someone know when I'll be doing something stupid/dangerous before so if I don't reconnect in a few hours they will come save me! I suggest you do the same my dear.

  3. Two steps forward, one step back... it works. Oh, and buy a step ladder :))
    Box Canyon Mark

  4. Hey, Google shut down my calls account. :)