Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a Difference a Day Can Make

This is part two of the bathroom makeover. 

I could just kick my self for not taking a picture of the bathroom before I started.  It seems to be my forte to begin (often before thinking it through) and then take a picture sometime in the middle.  

Hence, the gutted bathroom of yesterdays picture.
It took longer to paint the bathroom than it did to put it back together again.

I have always loved the home remodel shows on television although I could never understand why people put money into their houses to sell instead of putting money into their houses to enjoy.  Well, now know I've learned why.  You are spending money to make the house more marketable, competing with houses at the price point you want to be.

During the thirteen years that I lived here there never seemed to be enough money to invest in the house.  All of my investment capital lived in the pasture eating hay and well, you get the picture! 

So here is the finished bathroom..... 

I'm pretty pleased with the finished product.

The view from the throne

It sure beats the 1970's bathroom!!


  1. WOW You did a great job. There isn't anything you can't do. You are going to be great on the road.

  2. Looks good ... I'm with you ... I never remember to take "before" pics. I did a small bathroom last month & didn't think about posting the pics 'til it was taken apart and the UGLY wallpaper was already stripped.

  3. that looks so good, like Sherry says- is there anything you can't do? Love the staging too.

  4. Great transformation! Very nice and I love the horses.

  5. It looks very nice and neat and clean which is what people want to see. You're a gal with a lot of skills!