Friday, February 15, 2013

It All Started With a Little Paint...

March 1 is fast approaching.  The date I selected to have the house ready and will be signing the papers to have it listed to be officially for sale.   While getting my house ready for the real estate market I have walked through the house with 'buyers eyes'  looking for all the little defects that will catch a buyers attention.  I have been attending to some of those details such as re-staining all the moldings and doors and re-calking in the bathrooms.   I also noticed that condensation in one of my bathrooms caused some mild mildew stains.  So I decided to paint the bathroom.

I finished painting the bathroom last night.... See what you think!

 The bathroom is now a soft beige and most important without any mildew.  A little paint should do it!!

What's that you say..... "Where is the rest of the bathroom?" 
It's in the front yard!

don't you love the blue and white patterned linoleum.  It was matched up with a blue marbled countertop!

Don't you love how when you start with one little thing it leads to one more little thing?  And before you know it..... It is a really big thing.

Lesson to be learned..... beware of a determined woman with a hammer!!

Stay tuned .... to see the finished bathroom.


  1. And it will soon all be finished at the rate you're tacklng things. Well done!

  2. Wow! You have been busy, gal! Funny...hubby and I just finished painting and caulking in our bathroom too. Yours already is looking fresh and sparkling and you're not even done yet. Yes, well done!

  3. One thing sure does lead to another...and it usually involves more trips to the home improvement store! Good job, looking forward to pictures of the completed project.

  4. you crack me up, I love that you stop and take the time to fix what you see then move on. At some point you will have to stop and know that you have done what you can to prepare. You have to leave a few small projects for the new owners! Great work and be careful, Miss Klutz!

  5. Nice job so far can't wait to see it finished. And yes I understand one thing sure does lead to another.