RV Eating on the Cheap

Rv Camp Cooking bring out the frugal in me.  So I have decided to add a page to address hints and recipes for checking out some of the handy ways to save and eat Yummy too! Click on links to go to the blog page that addresses a particular gadget or post.  Add your favorites gadgets or recipes links in the comments.  We all love a Yummy bargain!

Here are my favorites:

 Saratoga Jack thermal cooker - a crock pot like appliance, that you partially cook your meal on stove top and finish it in this heavily insulated pot.  It reduces greatly the consumption of an external heat source.

Here is a link to a review of the Saratoga Jack thermal cooker
And the link where I purchased it


  1. We hardly go a trip without a foil dinner. I doubt anyone needs the instructions/'recipe'...but here goes: Get the camp fire going, lay out large foil squares/rectangles, spread around a bit of olive oil (optional), pile on whatever - chopped meat, onion, mushrooms, potato or turnip, something green, etc...maybe add some bbq or other sauce, seal up and put on the fire until it smells like dinner!

  2. Sounds yummy!! I love the foil dinner concoctions!!