Monday, August 12, 2019

Old Friends, New Memories!

In July, it was also my 50th High School Reunion.  50 Years ago we couldn't wait to start off on a NEW LIFE, with many adventures, careers and families.  Yet, a few years ago, after a number of funerals in just a few months my classmates started getting together to spend real time together for twice yearly luncheons and visits.  We are close so was really excited that many more school pals made the trip to Spokane for the 50 year event.
East Valley High School, Class of 1969

As my family of origin becomes smaller and smaller, my friends from school days have become more and more important to me. They have in fact, become a primary link to the past.  We were a small graduating class so it was amazing to see so many of the class were present to share time, memories and many laughs.

         It was so good to see so many of them!!

Old Friends

There we are, the Class of!

More Friends!

As I have talked with people, so many avoid reunions as if they are an extension of the old school days.  We are not the children we left behind.  It is not likely that any of our old classmates are exactly the way we remembered.   It was truly a gift to spend time with them and enjoy the people they have become as well.

A last fire together.....until next time.