Kritters and Kids

Meet the Kritters and Kids

Meet the Kritters and the Kids

Nothing ever stays the same for long at this house.  The kids come and go.  I never know how long they will stay but it is always difficult when they leave.  Some more than others.  
It seems the Kritter population changes as often.
Due to confidentiality I am not able to share the children's names. But aren't they beautiful!!
 (I am at liberty to tell the names of the critters) I am able to make up some of the rules!

                                  The Momma donkey is Stella        Her daughter is Katie

                                   The king on his throne is Furby.  He was my mothers dog
                                         When she passed away he came to live with us.
                                                       He fits in nicely don't you think!

                      This is my mare, Holy Scat.  She is fiesty and she will forever own a big piece of my heart.        She has taught me many skills, such as training horses and how to gracefully get off the ground.

This big boy is Holy Scats Shadow,  Shadow for short.  He has many talents including opening barn doors and escaping the pasture.  But hey, whats not to love....Look at those big brown eyes!

The turkey's are heritage turkey's.  The white one is a Royal Palm.  The dark ones are called Bronze.  I don't name any of the animals that are raised for meat.  We currently have 6 turkeys but the hens have started to lay eggs.  So we will see if they hatch any babies this year.

We currently have about 15 chickens and 2 roosters.  Only one has a name.  He wears his name, Renegade Red like a badge of freedom.  He is a free spirit preferring  to live in the wide open spaces or hanging out with the turkeys.  He certainly does not want to be cooped up with the chickens and meanwhile  I have developed great rooster wrangling skills. His antics entertain me daily.

If you have ever had goats you know keeping them in their pen is always a challenge.  Meet Sugar..... She is a Pygmy goat and is patiently waiting by the back door.....  "I would like a latte please"

We also have 3 cats....and par for the course they were not interested in participating in a photo shoot.  These were the best that I could come up with for today.  Come home Spook!  Your photo shoot awaits.  I will add more as the cat kritters will allow.

Tha....Tha....Tha......That's all folks....