Friday, January 31, 2014

The Sky Cracked Open

The day started early and I needed to drive my Granddaughter to school early for Jazz Band.  As is my habit, I checked the sky out the first window that comes into view.  And low and behold.....

The Sky Cracked Open

Now this may not be a momentous occasion for those of you lazing in the warmth and sunny skies of Arizona but up here in the frigid north, it is an occasion to be celebrated with a country drive. 

How can you be disappointed driving down
Panorama Drive? 

Oh, the lighting wasn't perfect, but I was rewarded just the same with outstanding views of the winter sky . 

Sometimes there have been weeks and weeks of gray and dark clouds hovering.  And just when you feel the the clouds and darkness will last forever,  the sun comes out and a new day begins.

Does the length or depth of despair lead to more fully enjoying the joyous moments.

Does the length or depth of despair lead to more fully enjoying the joyous moments.

 It has been that way in my life at least.

It's hard to say what will happen with the winter weather as it can change in a moment,

But my motto is to grab every single moment and enjoy it completely. 

(This photo was not enhanced except for the addition of the frame.)

So that I don't miss moments like this..... that are gone in a flash.

~Happy Trails~

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey, Grey

Just how long can one go without seeing the sun without their very mood turning grey as well.  I have given up counting the days we have had without sun.  It has become a blur of grey days.

 It's been grey, grey, grey.

Surprisingly, I have not found myself feeling depressed.  I am still spending a considerable time each as often as possible even if it's a quick walk around the park.  I'm sure that has helped as well.   Send me on a drive on a bumpy, gravel, narrow, four wheel drive up the side of a mountain and I'm good..... throw in a little ice and snow and I'm DONE.

Even when the weather has not been allowing much outdoor time I have been finding plenty to keep myself busy indoors.  I have always enjoyed crafts and found an outlet for some of the energy.

There is a quilting group at the church where we have been attending.  They make quilts for homeless people and baby quilts.  They are not the great creative endeavors that I think of when I think of quilts but it has been fun. Since I have never quilted before I have been getting odd jobs like adding yarn ties to the quilt. I brought one home and have been working on it.

I have a ways to go before it's done but there are plenty of grey days to fill.

Auntie has been down in Arizona enjoying the weather and a tour for the last few days.... That is always the problem with a vacation.   It is always to few days.  She loved it and was not ready to come home to.....

Fog, Snog, and now Snow........

Is white a shade of grey?

(p.s. I'm loving all your tales of travels.)    
~ Happy Trails~

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Dreaming

It's to cold for camping in these parts and the sky is still completely gray with no sign of the sun .  But its not to cold for RV dreaming.  My granddaughter and I checked out the RV Show and started  dreaming for next years home.

Both inside and out there were trailers and motor homes everywhere at the fairgrounds.  There was plenty of options to choose from.  There were huge motor homes, huge 5th wheels, long, and long trailers

This motor home would fit the whole neighbor hood....if that is what you want.

A full size Fridge and a fireplace under the
desk/ table to keep you toasty.

Not my idea of my next 'little' home.

If money (and gas) weren't an issue, I found one huge baby that I could love...

This one is bright and filled with light and comes with it's own cowboy!!

            I already have a truck,  So maybe a new camper...

A camper out of Canada was getting lots of attention.  They had campers that fit half ton trucks starting at 1600 pounds.  Oh, and $18,000........  

This is a cute little number and you certainly don't have to worry about the neighborhood tagging along. 

Definitely not room for even one more.
 Sorry Hailey!

I even found an Airstream Silver Cloud that I could love....

 Just not for $68,000!

There was a circus like atmosphere complete with bright lights and announcements over a loud speaker announcing the next new owner of a brand new RV.  And you could be the next lucky buyer.

Now this is more up my alley.......... 


Check out the black and white checked floor.

The floor looks retro.... but the rest of the trailer has plastic coated walls and could just as easily been from any other of the new styled trailers.

 There seemed to be something for everyone except me. 

We came home from the RV show without a new little home, but do have a check book fully in tack except for the stop at Subway for a little lunch. 
And the search goes on.

Yup, winter days are full of Summer dreams.

What makes a perfect home on wheels for you?


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We got snogged!

I must remind myself it is winter and well winter is unpredictable.  I judge that partially by the fact the weather folks are never quite sure what will really happen.

One day I can be ecstatic that the sun is out and well the next day..... it's snog.

Snow + Fog = Snog

 But there is a different beauty in snog.  With snow the snow piles up on top of a surface leaving the underside barren.  With snog the the moisture encases the entire surfaces with crystals that would sparkle if we just had a little light to catch the reflection.


Weeping willows are beautiful in any season but they are stunning in winter. 

 With time on my hands, Auntie and I have started to make a place for myself here.  I have been moving furniture.... boxes, and assorted other stuff in the basement.  We are making a bedroom with a sitting area in the basement.    Compared to the size of my little trailer is is positively spacious.  We are also having some finishing work done on a bathroom next to my room.  I bought a new bed and it is comfy .  New carpeting and a new comforter and it will be a cheery nest for me during the winter months.  Pictures will follow once it is all complete.

We went five days without seeing even a glimpse.  No blue sky,  No puffy clouds....
         Just Fog, Fog, Fog!

Even though the sun has not been out......

 A little buddy did come out to play and have a little snack.

 Yet another little life lesson for me......

Find beauty and peace whatever you are.

~ Happy Trails ~ 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome Back Sun!!

The sun finally came out, the temperatures are actually near 50 which is almost balmy for January in Eastern Washington State.  I just about  broke into song, but in the interest of being a good neighbor I decide on going for a walk instead. 

It has been so long since I have been out walking I decided that I really needed a nature fix so I choose a trail along the river not far from where I live.

I drove through some seedy sections of town to get there but the views and proximity to city and nature make it a desirable destination.   I locked my truck and (armed with my whistle and cell phone and camera) I headed out for a brisk walk.   I did not need to worry.  I found the trail to be very a popular spot with plenty of people embracing the wonderful day.  

Does anyone know what kind of bike this is?   He certainly seemed to enjoy himself but it looked like a lot of work to me especially when going up hill.

looking from the trail west
The newly paved trail, borders the north side of the river a short distance from the downtown area.  The north side of the river goes has remained undeveloped until now.  Currently a new upscale condo and housing development is being constructed with the trail maintaining the edge overlooking the river and views.


Due to careful planning, everyone will have access and have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful area into the future.

Some of the wildness will be lost as the condo's densely occupy the space but the green space along the river will be preserved.

The closer you get to the city,
                            the better the views.

Across the river is another area of Spokane called Browne's Addition.  The big buildings you see contain the Museum and Campbell house that we visited last Fall.


Looking again to the East, is Riverfront Park.  It was the site of the 1974 Exposition known as the World's Fair.  The clock tower on the right and the tent like structure shown in the center remain in the park which is the anchor of the downtown area.

The Expo began a city center rejuvenation that continues modernizing the downtown area.

North of the Expo area is the Courthouse (spiral shown on the far right) and the Public Safety Building on the left.  What an odd name for the County Jail! The  first section of the new Condo, Townhouses are shown in the foreground.


Evening casts a different glow to the familiar site as the lights begin to twinkle.

It was a good day.....

What did you do today?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Straddling Two Worlds

It's time to post when followers comment on your blog to check if you are OK.  Yep I'm fine , just finding myself without a lot of noteworthy things to say...  It does amaze me when I realize that some followers leap beyond the pages to become a support network and even friends.  I never imagined that followers would still hang around if I wasn't on the road full time.  I'm so appreciative of your support. 

Before the holidays I left you as I was straddled with one foot remaining in full time mode and the other with roots planted in Spokane.

In full time mode I am ever poised, watching the weather for a break that allows me some soul refilling outdoor time.  But alas, it is winter here and outdoor time for me at least is fleeting.  Icy roads have limited outdoor excursions but sunny sky's beckon me with the promise of the days to come.  Outdoor walks have become infrequent and the high calorie treats of the holiday have come home to roost.  I detest the idea of living my life on hold until I am able to fit in some travel time which leads to unsettled feelings.  But at the same time I feel unable (unwilling?) to build a stationary life.

How long can I bed down in the family room without defined space to call home.  At these moments I have found myself perusing the want adds looking a small little houses that I could use as a home base during the winter months and a launch pad during the fair weather non-school months.  Yet, I do NOT want to be tied financially and problematically to a home that I will eventually need to divest of in order to travel. (I just did that and it was hard!)   

Wander lust prevails and I find myself  thinking about how far away I can go over Spring Break....

I hate the idea of putting my desires out to the universe as it almost dares fate to mess with my ideas. but I'm thinking Utah sounds like a great place to get away to....

 Utah was one of my original desired destinations.  I believe I could loose myself in Utah for quite some time.  I hate whirlwind travel so I am more likely to set up the trailer in one or two basecamps and explore around those areas.


While two weeks is not long enough, it just might tide me over until warmer weather.  I'm looking forward to March when the trailer will come out of storage and I can get it ready for road travel.

Now to get through a couple of ugly months until the weather begins to turn.  I guess that is the best time for dreaming and ordering travel maps and materials. I am definetely wanting to spend a couple of days at Antelope Island and time around Moab.  

So what are your NOT TO BE MISSED spots in Utah?