Saturday, August 25, 2012

In Search of the Right Realtor

I'm closing in on the date to list the house.... (I still have allowed a little wiggle room)  I want the house on the market in September.  I want the pictures of the outside to be taken with the flowers at their very best and the yard groomed to perfection.  I have been working on final touch ups although the Realtors may have  additional ideas to present my house at its best.  It is always interesting to me that the quirks we love may in fact hold other buyers at bay, and we certainly don't want that!

So the search begins for the right realtor.  I am clueless in knowing what questions to ask to determine who can best present my house.  As you know, I often learn from my mistakes and this is a major decision that protects my mayor investment.   So here I am asking my dear readers and friends to share questions they have found helpful (or ones they wished they had asked) in determining who can best represent my home and investment.  Feel free to share with any of your friends and bloggers as I can use all the help I can get!!  I want to learn from your experience!  Give me you best!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Manito Park

A while back I decided to see many of the local sights that I often neglect as they are always available.  Isn't it funny how it often takes a visitor to our area to point out the local sights that we have never seen or take time for?  So this summer I have been determined to see many of my favorite sights and also the sights that I keep putting off until another day.

This day I am making a tour of local parks.  So here are my finds for today.

A rose garden, full of beautiful specimens

today's favorite rose

A perennial garden 

A globe thistle

A Quail willing to pose if I just leave her babies alone

A fountain dedicated to a relative cousin - a woman before her time

Japanese Gardens

Serene setting

Beautiful waterfall

Glazier Arboretum


Cacti garden
a moment to reflect

A trip to a duck pond

The Formal Gardens
Auntie and I at Duncan Gardens

 Lunch at the Park Bench

The very best part is all of these wonderful sights and experiences are at one Park,  Manito Park in Spokane, Washington, a wonderful day for anyone. 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wallowa Mountains Escape, Part 2

So begins a great day on the Mountain.  We begin our day with a ride up the Tram on Mt Howard.  Normally I'm not big on tourist attractions but this NOT TO BE MISSED trip up to the top of the world was spectacular. ($23.00 senior price)  The Tram  takes us up to the 8,150 foot elevation.   There just steps away is the Summit Grill where we had breakfast of hash browns eggs and gravy for $3.00. 

Breakfast at the top of the world

After breakfast it was time for the hiking.  There are 2 1/2 miles of trails to gain another 150 feet of elevation.  You go up and down the 150 feet rise in elevation many times as you hike around the crown of the mountain.

360 degree views from the top...       

From the mountain top, the 5 mile long Lake Wallowa seems but a puddle.

Auntie hiked some of the trails....
and was as anxious as was I to see what lay
beyond the next crest.  I hope that
I am able to explore life's vistas
at 85 years young.

In the forested part of the mountain there were many uprooted dead trees.  The root systems were lateral with no roots running deep thus allowing the trees to be uprooted by the wind.  They lay with roots upright like driftwood sprawled on a ocean beach.


Even mid-August flowers were found the the top of the mountain.
Butterflies fluttered from flower to flower basking in the summer sun.

Time for a rest with Chippie

View from the Tram

Horse Pack Camp

A friendly reminder at horse Camp

 A smokey Forest Fire from Central Washington provided a spectacular Sunset to end our journey.

till next time.....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Escape to the Wallowa Mountains, Part 1

Life can is stressful and it is a time for a much needed escape.  Its not exactly like traveling when full timing since timetables dictate the agenda.  But it was a needed reprieve from the stresses of living with a child with challenging behaviors and getting a house ready for sale. 

The Wallowa Mountains in North Eastern Oregon are a mere 213 miles from Spokane where I have lived most of my life, yet a place that I have never been.  It is a place rich with Native American and pioneer history waiting to be explored.

 So my Auntie and I set out for a four day adventure.  The first half of our journey winds easily through the farmland of the Washington Palouse.  Is is a wonderful scenic drive through rolling hills ripe  for harvest.

Amber Waves of Grain

The road down the grade into Lewiston, Idaho and beyond was my first trip pulling my little Lolita up and down (and around hairturns) on mountain grades.  My Ford Explorer and Lolita handled the journey superbly.

Up, Up, Up, Down Down Down,  with no shoulders or guard rails!

 This was repeated over and over again.  Sometimes I just plain scared myself!  I scared Auntie too!  We rolled along sometimes at 20 miles per hour.  So the 213 miles took us six hours.  MapQuest you really ought to check that out.  Once again you lead me a stray!

Joseph Canyon
As a firm believer in stopping at historical markers we did find some along the way.  Can you imagine leading a band of Native Peoples or a wagon train of pioneers through this rugged country?  It is thought that Chief Joseph was born in a cave during the winter below this spot.

  After the up, up, up, and down, down, down,  many times we see our first view of the Wallowa Mountains. It is mid August and snow and glaciers are still visible on the mountain peaks.


I have made it my mission to learn life lessons by doing them wrong first. Then, I am sure to remember the lesson from the 'mistake' when I finally get it right.  When heading out on this impulsive trek, I neglected to  check what might be going on in Joseph, Oregon.  Well that turned out to be a wonderful learning opportunity.  We were joined in Joseph, Oregon by 20,000 other visitors to the Annual Bronze Blues and Brews Concert.  Lesson Learned....

So of course, finding a place to park Lolita became a bit of a problem.  Finally we pulled in to a little motel/RV park ran by a character of a man.  Auntie and I met a couple who took us to find the owner who found us a spot and even parked Lolita.  We had a grand time laughing and drinking coffee.


Views of Wallowa Lake

Lots of tame dear.
Momma wasn't happy though with the stare down.

Stayed tuned for more Wallowa Mountains travels....... tomorrow. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh, the Trailers I have Seen

Yet another confession.  As I age I like trailers that are shall we say, vintage.    I am also particularly drawn to these quirky little homes.  I have seen many campers that seen to match their owners personalities to a tee.  They are certainly memorable and will bring you a smile every time you look think of them.  As I remember all the sweet littler campers I have seen, my Lolita seems pretty tame.
Shall I get my creative juices flowing?

Maybe you would like something quirky...

I found this cutie pie for sale....
Oh I would love a harem of these cutie pies!

How about this cute little firecracker?

This one belongs to a Northwest Sister on the Fly

This one comes with fresh eggs....

Another Northwest Sister......
Cute as a itty bitty egg!

Maybe you would want a business on the go...

What will you have breakfast or dessert?

Do you have a gypsy spirit?

This belongs to my friend, Sharon
This is a back door sweetie too!

Do you love your fur friend?

Remember if you want to trick out your trailer, drive carefully.
These trailers get a lot of attention driving down the road.