Monday, August 12, 2019

Old Friends, New Memories!

In July, it was also my 50th High School Reunion.  50 Years ago we couldn't wait to start off on a NEW LIFE, with many adventures, careers and families.  Yet, a few years ago, after a number of funerals in just a few months my classmates started getting together to spend real time together for twice yearly luncheons and visits.  We are close so was really excited that many more school pals made the trip to Spokane for the 50 year event.
East Valley High School, Class of 1969

As my family of origin becomes smaller and smaller, my friends from school days have become more and more important to me. They have in fact, become a primary link to the past.  We were a small graduating class so it was amazing to see so many of the class were present to share time, memories and many laughs.

         It was so good to see so many of them!!

Old Friends

There we are, the Class of!

More Friends!

As I have talked with people, so many avoid reunions as if they are an extension of the old school days.  We are not the children we left behind.  It is not likely that any of our old classmates are exactly the way we remembered.   It was truly a gift to spend time with them and enjoy the people they have become as well.

A last fire together.....until next time.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Life - Meeting in the Middle

It seems my life has had separate compartments for the different seasons of my life.  This year I have seen some blending of the seasons.

I lived most of my life in pretty traditional ways.

House, kids, work and all the necessary supports and limitations needed to make it all work. Work and kids in school limits when you can travel and how long you can be gone.  I loved my life but longed for the adventure that travel while living on the road provides, yet then I missed family and friends.  Yet, there are always compromises.  An early retirement (due to a spinal injury) prompting an earlier move to a mobile lifestyle set the change in motion.  Life is full of adventure and new experiences but family time is more limited and requires extensive planning. 

I experienced five months of travel in Arizona before heading back up to Washington State. Since late April, I have been in Spokane to visit family and friends.  My daughter has been visiting from Connecticut for the month of June.
Her family joined us the last two weeks and we have enjoyed many hikes, dinners and adventures.

The Roderick family

View from Mount Spokane State Park

Vista House atop Mount Spokane

The Vista House sits at an elevation of about 5,900 feet, and there are spectacular 360-degree views of the Cabinet Mountains and the Selkirk Crest in North Idaho.   With 100 miles of trails Mountain top campers can stay busy for many days exploring the scenic mountain top.

I have taken on the role of tour guide and surprised even myself of the beauty that exists in my back yard.  Down Town Spokane has been "under constrction and we have been exploring many nooks and crannies of the down town park.

It has been a rare gift to share the extended time with my daughter and family.


Included in our family time together my daughter Melissa and I had a camping and kayak adventure to pristine Priest Lake, which is actually two lakes, connected by a slow-moving river, the Thorofare.   Round trip from our campsite at Lion Head campground we kayaked 5 miles.

How precious is that one to one time that is so difficult to manage with children and family.  It will be a special memory of shared time and experiences.

During part of their visit, my friend Theresa who I met on travels in Arizona has been visiting also.  It has been a busy time, laughing, eating, day trips and hiking.  It has been an amazing visit combining many parts of my life past and present.

Bachelor buttons, favorites from my childhood when I picked wildflowers.     

So much of my wandering days have felt separated from my family time.  This summer has definitely blended the lines of my life.  Itchy feet are calling.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Catching Up

If you read the last post, you know that I am returning to posting on The Back Porch View.  I missed the blog, I missed you and to be honest I missed me.
Writing helps me to process and chronicle experiences while the process often reveals insights, hopes and dreams. Looking back, I realize there were many things contributing to my long absence writing the blog.  I am unwilling to leave this gigantic hole in time and within this blog.  It is my hope to find a way to weave some past highlights and reflections with present life and travels.  First you need a recap to capture the changes in our lives.
More than five years ago I made a commitment to raising my granddaughter.  She was then 13 and she needed me and consistency during her teenage years.  I had just sold my home, a barnyard of animals and began to living my dream of four months of full-time travel.  She and I struck a bargain.  We lived in a sticks and bricks house during the school year which allowed her teenage normalcy.  When the summer vacation bell rang....we escaped to a summer of travel and adventure.  This blog was a chronological history of many of those times.

I felt like I came alive during those travels.  Returning home each fall was challenging.  I felt as if we were living in two worlds but not fully part of either.  To some degree, I recognize my resistance to belonging in the non-travel world was partly of my own making.  I continued to long for the adventures and feared new relationships would keep me from returning to the life of travel of my dreams.
Prior to beginning full-time time travel and my granddaughter coming to live with me, I had a spinal injury that caused three vertebrae to be permanently damaged.  MRI evidence showed the damage would continue to progress over time, with escalating pain and loss off function.  Hearing the prognosis, verified by the physical changes as time progressed, weighed heavily on me.  I had no idea if I would be able to physically return to full-time travel when my Granddaughter was grown. 
The first summer of travel in 2014 was seven weeks of travel around the Washington State exploring places I had never been even while living here most of my life.
The summer of 2015, we traveled across the country from Spokane to Connecticut, Maine, Washington DC, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and back home on a 10 week fabulous journey.
The summer of 2016 led us a summer of travel in Montana, the location of my last blog posts.  Travelers to Montana know, cell service is great in towns and cities but nearly nonexistent in the vast expanse of Montana real estate.  That, of course is where I tend to stay.  When I was in towns, it was all about business, groceries, laundry, gas, propane etc. and then getting to a hideaway spot near our next destination.  It did not include time near a WiFi spot composing a blog.  Procrastination became my enemy.  Without intending to....blogging ceased.
Armed with beautiful pictures and wonderful memories I added a few more blogs when I returned home.  I named one blog of an experience of gigantic proportion, but it remained a memory, without becoming a blog.   (It is still rolling around waiting to be released to print).
2017 Oregon was our destination.  Epic moments included  several once in a lifetime photographs including the solar eclipse and the Sisters Oregon Forest Fire.

2018 was a mixed up year in which I faced losing three long time friends and the launching my little "bird" from the nest.   Between senior year events and caring for my friend, I didn't travel as much in 2018 as in the past.  However I was able to travel to the Ocean for renewal.  Loss brings about time for reflection.  While at the ocean, I did do a nature art piece.  In fact, it may have been pointing me back to writing again.

Yes, the DREAM is still alive!


Graduation was a huge moment of celebration.  Hailey is on to the next phase of her life.  She is currently working as a care provider, going to college and living in an apartment.  Learning all the life lessons of young adulthood.

Me                  Hailey             Auntie

One more painful update.  I have lost 2 of my beloved Kitty travelers.
Kitty Flu hit our household and we lost Emmit in the winter of 2017 and Socks six months later from complications last August.  Spook had it also but is still with me and sill traveling with me.
There is never a good time to let them go...  Best Kitties Ever!! Thanks for the kitty memories!

                      Socks     Emmit (above)    Spook     

I do not regret the decisions of the past 5 years.
I believe it was the right path for us.
I do know every moment I am able to travel is a gift.
And I am grateful to still be able to travel.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Keeping On, Keeping On

It seems I spent years resisting nesting and settling into a home-based life.  My life seemed focused on living a mobile life while home-based in a wintry location.  I sought out like minded outdoors people and followed new trails while planning for the escapes in the Spring and Summer when schools were on breaks.  If you were following along for awhile, we have had some grand escapades and before you begin to worry, we will again.  However, I find myself not working so hard at it.

Is this a sign that I have given up the dream of full time travel or simply a sign that I have settled in to a life that is different than I planned?

When I had a sticks and bricks house to maintain, a job, mini farm and foster children, a great deal of effort and money went into maintaining a home and family.  Get-ways were always on the back burner and complicated to orchestrate.  A willing neighbor fed the barnyard crew but there was always so much to catch up with upon our return.  Those responsibilities are behind me now and while I find myself feeling like I am living in limbo from time to time, I know that my simplified life will allow us the opportunity to travel as much as opportunity allows.

This was the last log I wrote, and I found it in my draft folder. Even though I wrote it, I never published it.  I have been back to full time travel these past five months and have found that I miss the diart of people, places and recordings of observations, pictures and moments I found noteworthy.  When traveling there is always the urge to turn to you companion to say, "Look at that!"
The blog was that for me was that utterance.  I can't imagine that previous readers are still waiting to read this blog but I have found that I miss it.  I do not feel compelled to write as frequently but will return to recording those special moments and reflections.  I will attempt to catch up on some special moments and weave the lost moments into the blog.

So What happens to a dream deferred?
I am back...If you are reading this, I would love to hear from you.