Friday, April 26, 2019

Keeping On, Keeping On

It seems I spent years resisting nesting and settling into a home-based life.  My life seemed focused on living a mobile life while home-based in a wintry location.  I sought out like minded outdoors people and followed new trails while planning for the escapes in the Spring and Summer when schools were on breaks.  If you were following along for awhile, we have had some grand escapades and before you begin to worry, we will again.  However, I find myself not working so hard at it.

Is this a sign that I have given up the dream of full time travel or simply a sign that I have settled in to a life that is different than I planned?

When I had a sticks and bricks house to maintain, a job, mini farm and foster children, a great deal of effort and money went into maintaining a home and family.  Get-ways were always on the back burner and complicated to orchestrate.  A willing neighbor fed the barnyard crew but there was always so much to catch up with upon our return.  Those responsibilities are behind me now and while I find myself feeling like I am living in limbo from time to time, I know that my simplified life will allow us the opportunity to travel as much as opportunity allows.

This was the last log I wrote, and I found it in my draft folder. Even though I wrote it, I never published it.  I have been back to full time travel these past five months and have found that I miss the diart of people, places and recordings of observations, pictures and moments I found noteworthy.  When traveling there is always the urge to turn to you companion to say, "Look at that!"
The blog was that for me was that utterance.  I can't imagine that previous readers are still waiting to read this blog but I have found that I miss it.  I do not feel compelled to write as frequently but will return to recording those special moments and reflections.  I will attempt to catch up on some special moments and weave the lost moments into the blog.

So What happens to a dream deferred?
I am back...If you are reading this, I would love to hear from you.