Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Leap Frog Day

Ever have one of those days....
No matter how much you want to make time on the road, little things keep needing your attention and you have to stop to take care of them to start again.... and again ..... and again.....
Yep that was my day.

I had a nice visit with my friend, Sherry and we had gone out to an excellent Chinese dinner.  We came home stuffed and it was an early to bed night for me.
I woke up to drizzling rain.  Which doesn't make for a great start.  Everything needs to be dried off before putting into the trailer.  I'm still trying out where I want things in the trailer.  I'm trying to find the spot that makes the most sense and needs to be moved the least. I started out the morning with a great hot shower and off to get gas and hit the road.

After I took off I was headed down the road when I saw a sign to a winery that I LOVE their Muscat.  I hadn't been able to find it for a while so I decided to stop and get a bottle and tell them how much I liked it.   First of course I got lost, and then took a nice little tour of the country side.  So after about an hour in country side which was gorgeous, I decided to get out my computer and look for directions.  (Notice I still have to do it wrong before I can get it right.  I must work on that,)  When I turned on the power the light came on.... but a black screen... Nothing I could do would start the computer.

PANIC.  What no computer.  That would be like taking away my voice.  I only have one laptop and my kindle with me so I can't imagine how I would handle a computer breakdown.   Eventually I took out the battery and let it set for a few minutes and then it started up saying it had not been properly shut down.  Now I always shut down or let it go into sleep....   I am just so grateful that it is resolved.  Oh and my heart continued to beat.

So back on the road.  So I did find the winery.  But it is closed. What.... after all this effort.  I had taken a quick spin around the little town of Prosser and had seen a little Wine and Gift shop so I decided to stop there and find out about the Winery.

Yes, in deed the winery had closed and a new Winery would be opening at that location in the fall.   Since I was there, I did my part to support the local economy and bought 2 bottles of wine for the upcoming Glamper weekend.  One I liked just because it was a sparkling Muscat the other was a new find,  Lip Service.  I will have to let you know about that one.  I also bought two acrylic wine glasses that of course match my decor...  I had a wonderful visit with the owner and learned how much the local wine business has been growing.  What a fun little stop.

Back on the road again.  Two of my kitties are adapting to riding in the car well.  Emmit on the other had hates it.
Meow, Meow, Meow,  Did you hear me, I said Meoooow!
Stop that Emmit, Dammit Emmit, I said stop that.
Pack your duds, Emmit you're going to the pound!
Finally, I just turned up the radio.
Meow, Meow, Meow, Did you hear me, I said Meoooow!!

A quick stop at the nearest Petco.  They sell some pheromones that are suppose to calm anxious kitties.  A couple of kitty toys and we are on our way again.

Meowing continues.

I stop for lunch. Another stop at a trailer supply store for light covers.  And a final stop at Home Depot for a couple things I need for more projects.

We are on the road again...

Meowing continues.

I am determined to get down the road ....

I glance out the side mirrors and see the curtains coming out the side windows flapping in the wind.  I stop and tighten a screw on the window handle and off we go AGAIN.  Fifteen minutes later they are flapping in the breeze again.  I get out a girls best friend.  Duct tape and give it a shot. I am beginning to feel like The Beverly Hill Billy's going down the road.  Just need to mount my rocking cair on the roof for the full visual effect.
Nope the tape comes right off in the wind..... and did I mention the wind.

It is blowing a mere, 50 mile hour head winds.  I can virtually hear the gas suck through the engine.

Oh, you might be interested in where we are.
We are traveling through some mighty beautiful country.  The Columbia River Gorge.  It is a huge canyon cut by the Columbia River. My pictures cannot due justice to the panoramic views.  Something that you must just see in person.

The tall cliffs leave only room for the highway and a railroad track on each side.  Basalt columns and rock are evidence left behind of the active volcanic activity in the area. Along the way are a number of dams that create lakes behind them where the dam holds back the water.

After you reach the Dalles the Gorge widens and more trees and vegetation are growing along the shores.  While there is often wind in the Gorge, today's strong winds produced 2 - 3 foot swells on the water.

We finally reached our destination ,Memaloose State Park, along the banks of the Columbia River between The Dalles and Hood River.  Wow, and 4 G internet service!!

These are our back porch views


Yes, we had a start and stop kind of day.  But I certainly wouldn't trade it.  The freedom to do what I want to do is something I can't wrap my head around.

So I'm off again to figure out what I will l do today.

But before that can happen it's time for COFFEE!!

       .....HAPPY TRAILS.....

Monday, May 27, 2013

Wedding Crasher on Red Lake

I started out the day with a little house cleaning.
I believe I have discovered an ancient truth.
Small cleans up fast!! 
I did some top to bottom, side to side cleaning, dishes, and the floors included.  Since I do admit to a desire for things to be perfect...... small does make it a bit more manageable.
After about 30 minutes I was done and ready for some fun.  

I headed out to Red Lake, minding my own business and ready to set out on my maiden voyage in my brand new kayak.  I have had a kayak for 5 years but was no longer able to handle it's large size or weight.  I also had no need for a double kayak as the kitties protest loudly at the mere thought of a cruise with them on water.

When I arrived at the Public Day Use Area on Red Lake I found this sign greeting me.

It seems I was invited to a wedding.

I proceeded to inflate my kayak without reading the directions.  Remember I am direction impaired and figured if it didn’t go together logically.  It probably wouldn’t go together.

My kayak is made by Advanced Elements and is Here is a link for more information.

It weighs 37 lbs and has a handy handle so it is much easier for me to handle.  I opted
for a hand air inflater as sometimes I may not be by the car to inflate and the inflator seemed easy to use when the salesperson in REI demonstrated inflating it for me before I bought it.  It was a little more difficult for me with my back problems than I had hoped.  Hopefully it will be easier when I know what I am doing...  (Lord, only knows how long that will take!!)

Actually it only took about 10 minutes to inflate.... the first time.  I went out on the water to discover that one of the baffles was not fully inflated... also forgot to put the seat in.  Details....Details, I am confounded by the details.

Back to shore I went.  Problems solved.... back out on the water.  I choose Red Lake to launch on as it was small, Not effected by any wind as it is sheltered by tall banks and trees.  Plus my exploring spirit wanted to see the other end and it seemed manageable.

Here is my kayak ready to go.

It is an inflatable but still looks like and handles like a hard shell kayak.  It is made by Advanced Elements .  I’m not sure how well it will track in rough or windy water but I’m pretty much a fair weather kayaker.  It does sit down into the water like rigid side kayaks so I expect that it will handle better than most inflatables.

I will be looking into a different seat that provides better back support.  Other than that I am pretty pleased with how it handled.

It has gear storage on the front and behind the seat and a really awesome feature is the top deck can be zipped open in calm water to provide ventilation when it is really hot or to get my really long legs out after being cramped inside.  (Sigh, yet another sign or advancing age!)
I just read the directions which states NOT to unzip the top when on the water.
Yep, I will be unzipping with caution.

 I found a beaver dam. I also noticed beaver damage on nearby trees but no beaver to be seen today.

A nearby memorial, burial spot or point of inspiration.  No sign to indicate its purpose.  It leaves only questions in my mind.  Everything has a story and I’m always wanting to know the back story.

After a quick trip to the end of the lake the wedding gather was beginning to assemble.  The bride was dressed in a long purple gown and carried lilacs.

Can you believe it, they were annoyed by a lone kayaker on the lake.  Rather narrow minded of them to want me out of their pictures.  I say if you don’t want looky loos watching, hold your  private moments in a private place not a public day use area. 

Actually, a few pictures and I was on my way.  Sorry, all I was able to get in the photo's were their backs.  Can you imagine they wanted the lake in the backround!

I must say though it was a beautiful place for a wedding and a gorgeous day in May!

After my kayak adventure I headed to the nearest store for ice and snacks.  When I arrived I saw someone unloading a pickup truck of household furniture and clothing items at a donation station for a Non Profit agency.   When I came out of the store not 10 minutes later another party was loading all of the items into his car.  Not one or two items.....ALL of the items. 

Consider carefully the agency you wish to contribute to.  Obviously an unmanned contribution box may not be providing charity to the ones you intended.
I considered a picture for a moment but in our unpredictable world I might have been met with an angry party.  Certainly, not worth the risk.

So that folks was my day.... 
This wedding crasher signing off.
Hope you had a good one!

......  Happy Trails .....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Litle Work, A Little Play, a Lot of Peace

A Little Work.....

I cleaned out the truck today and repacked it in a way that makes more sense.  It is hard to believe I have already been a fulltimer over a week and now in the same spot for one week. I really needed the rest and the time to finish the last of the house details.
Next, I will be getting my camp packed and ready to head over to the Portland Oregon area for a glamping weekend next weekend with girl pals and lots of vintage trailers.   I will be sure to take lots of pics to post so you can see all the fun trailers.

I also tried to replace some window screens.  The door screen went pretty well but I was able to get it off the door frame and lay it on the table.  It has one little oops but I am resolved to not look at it too closely.  I MUST give up perfect.  Good enough is certainly good enough.

What a shame, I ran out of screening material before I could tackle 2 more of the tough windows with the slatted windows.  I guess I will have to save all that fun for another day.

 A Little Play

I sat for the longest time watching hummingbirds zip to and fro to my feeder.  I lot of pictures but this was the best of the lot.

Boy did the Kitties want to get a close and personal look at those little cuties

Later on I took a little drive up the road to a nearby dam.

Dams on rivers is common in the Northwest.  Most river

Not a spectacular dam but I had fun playing peek-a-boo with this osprey that was sitting on a nest.

Eagles were soaring.... they were way to fast for me.  I have lots of pictures of clouds with out any eagles... They were long gone.

 I rewarded myself with a little nap while it rained a bit.

Then A hard hike....
I went in search of the petroglyphs that I had heard were in the area.

I found them after a short hike as they are just off the side of the road near where I am camped. It's amazing that I found them as vandals had destroyed the signs and now the petroglyphs are enclosed in a chain link fence to try and preserve them.

They were preserved for hundreds of years and then vandals attempt to destroy a part of history that so few are privileged to see.  So  senseless!!  I will never understand. 

I'm not sure what gets into me when I get on a hike  The easy little hike turned into a grueling straight up a mountain....I start hiking and something mysterious happens.  The nice little view isn't enough, I have to keep going... pushing until there is no where else to go or I'm exhausted.  Then I still WANT to go farther.  My leg held up pretty well.  Hard to believe I was hobbling just a short time ago.

Here is the view from my camp to the hill I climbed  When I was a kid I spent many Saturdays hiking the hills near my house.   It seems so much easier then.  

Looking down the hill I just hiked up

Yes it is really that steep!

Other nearby rock formations...

I hope you have a life jacket.... tomorrow is the maiden voyage of my kayak.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

I woke up to a glorious morning. 

Day use area

Puffy clouds drifting by, with gentle breezes.

Total peace and quiet

looking up the lake

swimming area

   Birds chirping and singing.

A deep hole in a tree with a nest with eggs

I made some hummingbird nectar and    placed my feeder for my little friends to visit.

Can it get any better?

While sitting out soaking in the gorgeous view I drank a pot of coffee while deciding what to do in the afternoon.  I extended my reservations through the weekend to avoid having to look for another spot.  I was lucky... I don’t even have to change spots.

There is my closest neighbor
 Doesn’t anyone know about this glorious spot??? 

I went into town to run some errands.  I picked up some groceries, and a few items for fixing up some loose items on the trailer.  I stopped by Auntie’s for a visit.  When I came out the wind had blown in.... in a big way.  I remembered my solar panel sitting up at my camp to catch a few rays.
Would it still be standing upon my return?
                      ... or in a hundred shards of glass.

Upon my return to camp, all was as I left it except the hammock and chair were overturned from the wind.  I must be more careful with the solar panel! 
Since the weather forecast is more of the same for the next few days, I will be moving my pure sine inverter to the car to keep the electronics charged and use the trailer battery for lights.  With the high temperatures only reaching  60 degrees (with low in the 40‘s at night) I will be bundling up to stay warm. 

I see more napping in my future.

It rained, and rained and rained.....

In fact it got down right chilly....  So I started thinking about heat.  I have a furnace in my trailer but in four years had not ever used it.  So today is the day.  I got down on my hands and knees and inspected the furnace.  I found a metal plate with the instructions.  Low and behold..... it works.  Boy does it work.  The adjustment knob that should control the amount of heat from low to high doesn't seem to work.  It only knows high.  But I'll take it over no heat at all.

Any suggestions out there????   

Adjustments to my new way of life happen every day.
It certainly makes each day exciting.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And There Was Light

Flying solo always presents new challenges.  I had asked for help to convert some of my interior vintage trailer lights to LED as I was afraid to do it myself. I had an incident as an 8 year old of spinning around a metal awning pole that was not grounded properly on a vintage trailer. the electrical charged grabbed me and I couldn't let go.  So I have always given a wide birth to any thing electrical. 

Also, I am generally not very good about asking for help as I think I should be able to do anything.  I had bought new lights on sale at Camper World for a really great price .  After waiting and waiting, I went out  a few nights ago and I just did it myself.....

Once I figured out what a ground wire was and which one it was in the vintage trailer...(all the wires were black!) I put it together easy peasy!!  It puts out a warm yellow light at a fraction of the wattage of the previous lights. This is very important as I plan on spending a considerable amount of time off grid and I like doing crafts reading and puzzles. The lights before all put out a dim light which was enough to find your shoes but not enough if you wanted to do any of the close up work.

I'm looking ahead to the days when the nights and darkness are long.  It is bright enough to do anything I want and with the new lights, I can choose to have on as little or as much as I want without significantly dimming others.  I have left a couple of the incandescent ones so that I can choose a softer light if I want but so far when they are on I just want to watch the watts burn. The solar is holding with my usage just fine.  I off course am not using the microwave but I can watch a couple hours of DVDs , charge everything I need and have had plenty of lights.  The LED lights are perfect!

 Here is one of the before lights

Here is one of the lights I put in.

I put one of these double LED lights in the central area and one in the kitchen area.
I didn't turn the LED lights on.... I didn't want to blind you!!

Here is one by my bed.... Looks good don't you think!!

I am as pleased as punch!!  What shall I tackle next!!
I count my lights as a major success!!

Makes a gal proud!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Sweet Rolling Home

Today, I really feel like a Full-Timer.

Camp is set up and I had the wonderful opportunity to do just what I wanted....
and it wasn’t much.

The view from the back porch.

Views from my private fenced site.

I walked around the loop of camps which didn’t take long since there are only 11 sites.  I drove down to the beach area and watched people fishing.
Now that is exciting!

I rode my new folding bike which, since my hip is still bothering me, is easier that walking.  So necessary trips to the restroom are made on the bike.

I ate and washed dishes.  The solar is charging nicely.  I played on the computer with what fleeting internet was available and booked this site until next Monday.  Since it is the holiday I don’t want to be looking for a spot nor do I want to end up at a resort campground.

I took out my hammock and took a little nap.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kitties are happy,

 I am happy.

Pure Bliss!   

Sunday, May 19, 2013

This is the Life

I can’t believe it.... can you? 
I am finally an RVer on the road.
I am in my third campground.   But the first two served their purpose.  They were close to town and I was able to run in and take some additional stuff in for storage and get additional supplies.since Wednesday.   Boy it is a lot of work to change sites.  I have not yet recovered from moving from my house.
NOW that is a lot of work that I NEVER want to repeat again. 
The first two campgrounds were mere pit stops on the way to heaven.
I have arrived in heaven. 

At first, I stayed at the closest campground to home that was in a natural setting, not that it mattered as I rarely got out of the trailer.  I was at Riverside State Park where I have camped before.   I was to busy arranging, and arranging some more, far to busy to enjoy the sights.  The first campground only had one night available so I took it and moved on to Nine Mile Falls Campground for the next 3 nites.  Not my kind of campground as the trailers were parked about 15 feet apart from one another but it was right on the water so I did enjoy the sights.  The trailers were so close I could hear my neighbor cough during the nite.  I had a friendly (?) Bald Eagle flying over head checking out my kitties in their outdoor cage.  Kitties were safe, the eagle frustrated.  He finally flew to a nearby tree and just watched them trying to figure it all out.  

Yesterday, I went and pick up Auntie and we spent the day together.   Later in the afternoon, we went on a drive in search of a perfect camp site.  We found it!!!  More on it later.

I brought her out to the Nine Mile Camp site which was only about 7 miles from her home. She had been there before so we both told stories of our times there.  I fixed a dinner of Teriyaki  pork and broccoli with rice in my thermal cooker.  She brought a oriental cold slaw which made a perfect meal. 

This morning I prepared for another move to my perfect camping spot.  It takes most of a day to prepare to move, move and then set up.  I should sleep well tonight! There are only 11 camping sites so it is quiet and very primitive although it has everything that I want and need. I had planned on staying here until Wednesday, but I love it so much, they may have to evict me kicking and screaming when the new campers arrive.  I will decide later, how long I will stay, but I hope I can stay longer than Wednesday.  This is a perfect place to get caught up on my rest.

I have yet to find the cable for my camera to download pics to the blog so I’ll have to wait to download any pics for the blog.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll make some progress on that front.  So in the mean time I will try to describe just with words my new home site.

It sits on a large bluff overlooking a deep cut canyon with sides that are heavily wooded all the way down to the waters edge.   My side of the bluff is covered with grass that is green in places and dotted with pine trees.   A deep river/lake runs between the canyon that is my back porch view.  I can only see 2 camp sites and they probably are  shouting distance apart one on each side.  There is a little paved road that leads down a steep hill to a day area where there is a boat launch and picnic area.  Fisherman are fishing from the shore and catching fish!!  The only sounds I hear are birds singing.  Hummingbirds are also darting about in search of nectar. 
It is truly heaven hear.

My kitties were very annoyed with me that I moved again and have been catching up on cat naps since I arrived.  They were very glad to get into their little home.  I had originally planned on staying till Wednesday but I may stay longer.  They may have to evict me kicking and screaming when the next reservations campers arrive.  No TV, internet and phone is iffy at best. But it is truly heavenly here.  It was sprinkling of rain. while I fixed my dinner tonight so the air smells fresh and there is a slight chill to the evening air.  It is dusk now so night is near and I am soaking up every moment of bliss.

I will work on taking some pictures and finding a way to download them tomorrow. 

This is the life. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Yesterday was the big day.  Finally the signing of the house sale papers.  Everything went without a hitch.  I am sooooooo close to the finish line. 

I made my last trip to the dump.... As I waited in line for my turn, a song played on the radio.  The chorus summed it up perfectly.  The name of the song is DONE by Band Perry.  During the chorus belts out "All I want to do is be done."   Forget the smallzy ending.... the tearfull goodbyes maybe I'm just to tired to feel anything but relief.  Could I must be past all that.  "All I want to do is be done."

If you want to watch a rendition of the song here is a link....

 The house is clean and empty.  The garage still has the 'essentials' for our travels.  I have all day to hone and cull and then weigh in the trailer and truck before departure.  
After I am satisfied with the finished product, I will go back to the dump station one last time for a final weigh in to see if I need to cull more treasures before we pull out of here.  I have all day to finish up and move down the road a bit.  I am so exhausted that I will spend a few days at a nearby campground to rest, breathe, PLAY, and finish up final paperwork, get a drivers license change of address post office change of address and all the insurance changes.  I have all the time I need and I definitely will take time to enjoy the ride.

The one of my realtors (a husband wife team) brought a trailer to the house so I will be able to throw away anything else I find without taking another trip to the dump.  They will also leave the trailer for the new owners so if there is anything left they will easily be able to dispose of it.  My realtors have gone above and beyond anything I could expected for a realtor to have provided.  I highly recommend  their services and count them as friends. (I should add that I have known Ron since childhood and they have certainly proved the old adage of not mixing business and pleasure to be wrong in their case.  They were very profession when doing business and the whole process served the best possible outcomes.

My house was only on the market for three weeks.  In these uncertain times I count myself as very fortunate. 

It was an incredible amount of work but a new way of life is now before me.

I'm off to finish packing....   

I have always thought in bumper stickers. 

They stimulate me.  They motivate me.  Sometimes they comfort or encourage me. 

Here is my bumper sticker for the day/thought for the day.

You have a wonderful day and Happy Trails......


Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Life

Just as I was presented with more problems with the closing, (the septic mess) it resolved itself.  The new owner who had a vested interest in it being done right are splitting the cost of the repairs with the realtor and me.  We are proceeding with closing.  The selected day will be Tuesday for the walk through and paper signing.

Fingers crossed and calling on good energy from the Universe.

The last of the furniture indoor and out  was sold on Craigs list today.  Today the horse trailer also sold.  they got a good deal and I am free of all the extra stuff and the worry about what to do with it.  YEA!!  I moved out into the trailer a about a week ago as it just didn't seem like my home any longer.  I have been making improvement to the trailer (that will have to wait for another post..... I have cleaning to do!!

Certainly all of the furniture made it home.  All that remains is an empty shell and the memories.

I'll be taking all the memories with me.

I did get a gift from the universe today.  Remember the picture of the nest with 4 little eggs.  (But the way the birds are Rosy House Wrens)  I was concerned that the eggs might not hatch as the mother was off the nest most of the day last Saturday as the Septic tank men did their work.  Today I watched and she was still going back and forth to the nest so I decided to check on progress.

They hatched and they are already getting their baby fuzz.  I won't be here to see them fly but we will all be starting a new exciting life....

Saturday, May 4, 2013

And the Plot Thickens

This was the week to get some last minute jobs done before the house closing.  The new owners house (previously referred to as my home) needed to have the septic tank pumped before the closing and certified as fully operational... Oh Oh.... more red tape coming I fear!!

So when he arrived and dug the cap up the first words out of his mouth were....

'That's not good'.... Me  "Whats not good?" 

It seems the tank was not full to the standard functional operational line. More Oh Oh's for which I didn't respond.  But simply  "just fix it."  More digging revealed the seam was leaking and the pipe that moves the liquid from the tank to the drain field was broken. 

I won't go into the whole stinky story of the repairs.... let's just leave it at you, couldn't pay me enough to do his job!  

Today they returned to fix the mess.  I have been without water facilities for 4 days.  But its been good for me to practice water conservation and usage for RV Life. 
How is that for making lemonade out of lemons?
I did get my blog on making my shower of my trailer finished!!

Long story shortened to stinky ending...... It's fixed,
I'm $1,000 poored.....


On to the next saga..... Closing Anyone????

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Shower - Luxury or Necessity?

When you love living in a vintage trailer, you need to accept there are things you must live without or be creative.... I choose to be creative.  I have solved many issues as I bring my little vintage darling into this century and make my travels comfortable.  My latest creation is an on board shower.

Let's go back a bit.  I will not be camping in campgrounds for a large portion of the time.  You may wonder why I don't use a shower tent outside.  During nice weather I most certainly will use a outdoor tent and solar shower (which is glamped up of course) but when you live full time in your little cutie, I found I wanted a shower for when those times a bowl bath just isn't enough.    Sometimes the campground showers are not somewhere I would ever want to take my clothes off without first scrubbing the walls and floor,  so I set my creative juices to work to find a solution that would work for me.

While doing my research and problem solving I had some criteria that the shower must meet.
  1.  It must be light and portable and inexpensive
  2.  The components must be able to serve multiple uses
  3.   It must pack away into available space
  4.   Set up and Take down must be manageable with both time and effort
                                       And Most Important: It must work!

I started my thinking by sitting in Lolita and looking carefully at the space I had available.  The closet is packed to the gills so I knew right away that I wouldn't want to unload it to use that small space.  And let's face it I could not imagine my nearly 6ft body trying to shower in that small space.

My trailer footprint had a large open area in the space by the couch.  Above it is a vent that can open.  I think I can work with this.  So I designed a way to hang a shower frame and curtain from the roof vent using.... (Now don't laugh.)  A hula hoop and bungee cords.  I slip the hula hoop under a curtain rod that provides a changing area in the trailer and then use small bungee cords to attach the hoop firmly to the roof vent.  (Takes about 15 seconds!)
When I am traveling I use large buckets with rope handles to store items that need to be contained.  I have one for outside items and one for inside items.  I use one of the empty tubs as a water catch basin and 2 shower curtains attached with simple shower rings to the hula hoop (the rings that open and close work best)  
I purchased a small Zodi battery operated camping water pump from Amazon for $28.47 including shipping. ZODI Outback Gear Battery Powered Shower    
I use a large water container that I had already gotten from Walmart and I add water that I heated on a stove - 1 1/2 gallons to boiling and add to 1 1/2 gallons to room temperature water (adjust to your desired temp)simply drop the the submersible pump (shown on the left into the water source and press the red button.  Presto... a shower with hot water!

A little glamping.... (what else is a gal to do?)  and here is the finished product.

When I am done I pour the water down the sink to my gray water tank.  I hang the shower curtain out to dry from the awning and I'm clean and fresh.  

Ok, it's not as simple as hopping in a shower in a sticks and bricks house but it is a wonderful alternative when you want a shower and only a shower will do.             

 I only use this pump for potable water so I will use this pump for multiple other clean water uses.

And lastly..... I have a wonderful item to play with after my shower!!

Departure Date:  10 Days