Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Need a Mental Break!!

Making decisions about everything I own is HARD WORK!!  Keep this, ditch that.... Did I really keep this all this time?  I need a mental vacation, a few moments to ponder all that I am working towards. So I'm going to take you to a different place.
 (I have had it with all this cleaning, sorting, etc!!)

I love to hike.  I am an explorer at heart.  The lure of what is around the next corner, hill or turn, can keep me going for miles and miles.  I am also somewhat of a klutz so I need both hands free at all times to TRY and keep myself safe.  I have always kept a small back pack ready at a moments notice with items that I might need on a hike. I really didn't like the pack as it made me feel off center and that is the last thing someone who is NOT sure on their feet needs.

Last summer while on one of my adventures, I thought of a great solution.  A fishing vest with lots of pockets to keep all the little items in.  I mentioned it to Auntie and low and behold on Christmas, Auntie Santa found me the perfect vest.

vest front

 Look at all the pockets.  There are also loops that I can hang an emergency whistle from the vest hoops.  Pockets for a cell phone that can zip closed so I don't drop it.  Plenty of room for a first aid kit,  chap stick, sun screen, Handi-wipes, Kleenex, snacks, car keys and identification and emergency information.


The material is a close weave which should help to prevent snagging it on branches or other protrusions.  On the back side is a light weight netting that will be cool allowing plenty of ventilation and look..... three more pockets for a total of 27 pockets.  WOW!!    

Where, you may ask is do you carry water ?

I hate to carry bulky water bottles, so these are my new water bottles.  They come in different sizes and colors are reusable. The lay flay win not filled.  Perfect.  I plan on putting extra water in the back pockets which will have a cooling effect. A collapsible water bottle for me, a collapsible water dish for Furby!

collapsible water bottle
dog water dish

Mike at "Mello Mike's RV and Off Road Adventures" did a great post on
Making Your Own Survival Tin
Here is the link to his post.....

Now I don't need to fill ALL of the pockets but... 
 Making sure I have all that I need with on a day hike is important....
What things do you carry with you?

Now where shall we go???


  1. Love that idea of a fishing vest...that should work really well for you. I think I'll look into getting one. Thanks for a super idea.

  2. I use a more yuppie version when I travel. It even holds my tablet computer. I definitely feel the pain. No electricity this morning until around 9:30 which meant no coffee. Then to figure out how to use my backpacking filter again as I had packed the coffee pot. Then I hadn't left out a coffee mug. I had to heat water in my REI water bottle in the microwave. So, I am now blissfully drinking some of the worst coffee I've ever had, but some I'm the most thankful I've ever been to have. Still waiting on the lady to come look at my stuff to be shipped. We will get there.

  3. Those vests are the greatest and I love the water bottles I really need to find those.

  4. That looks like the same fishing vest I have. Of the little I kept, I did keep my fishing rods and equipment and the vest. I was organizing the other day and saw the vest under my couch and was thinking it would be a great thing to wear when I want to carry a lot of stuff, like on a hike. Great minds think alike? :)

  5. Never take a tooth brush LOL. Always cary a map of the area you hike in, pack a coat in case the weather changes or you have to spend the night on the trail, matches & candles so you can start a fire if needed, flaslight, extra food for you and dog. A friend of mine carries a gun for protection and she has had to use it.

  6. Thanks for the Mental-Pause :))
    Love the vest Idea!
    Box Canyon Mark

  7. I LIKE IT!!! Great idea though I do love my little Maxpedition Remora.