Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Let the Camping Begin!!

Finally, we marked the advent of good weather.....our first 80 degree day.  It signals the beginning of camping season in my mind although the day was complete with spring touches of off and on sprinkles and a thunder shower.   On to camping!!!  I need to go camping....

Yesterday was the annual anniversary sale at REI.  I was there when the doors opened with the hopes that the kayak I have been stocking would be available in the store.  NO SUCH LUCK.  The last one sold just a few days before but I was able to order one that will be delivered in a few days.  I love my little inflatable kayak and since there are now two of us, two are needed.
Hailey in my Kayak last summer.

Also available of course from my

While it is inflatable it also has some rigid framing so it does track better and sits down into the water more than most inflatables.  While it may not be desirable for long rides it offers a great alternative for occasional kayakers to get into the water and explore.  Combined with the  advantage of fitting into a small carrying case that is easy to carry in the truck it works well for us.  Next week we will be finding a little lake to play with Hailey's new toy.

We are headed out to scout a new location to free boondock  that will be within 30 minutes of the house, complete with a little lake, water fall and hiking....that sounds like a winner to me!!  That will be close enough that I can set up camp and commute Hailey to school to extend our stay a little longer...  Sounds like a plan to me!!  I certainly am ready for a little nature time and am longing for school to be out. 

Well I'm hoping that the two spots that I found will be available, if not, who knows where I will end up.  I am stressing about finding a camping place for the coming weekend  closeby....Since it is Memorial weekend regular campgrounds will be full.. and expensive, most of the state parks are over $30 and require reservations.  There are. very, very few places to boondock.    I did get a bit of outdoor time in though which helps..... Lordie I need my  outdoor time. 

So many spring flowers are blooming.   Each time I am out on hiking it becomes a treasure hunt to discover what new flowers are blooming and what critters I will stumble upon.  I have always loved Iris and it was a special treat to find these wild ones.


When I was is school taking Biology, we were required to make a wild flower collection, complete with the names of the flowers.  I don't remember anything of the names but I still love collecting the flowers.  Now just with the camera lens.

 I've never seen these little bells before.  I must see them when they are opened up more.

 I had a surprise this morning and am welcoming a new follower today,   Kimbopolo.  She will be hitting many of the National Park highlights in the Northwest this Summer so maybe our paths will cross.  I hope so.

I still don't have hard and fast plans for all of the summer but I do know that we will be seeing a lot of the northwest that I haven't seen yet and connecting with old and new friends. For sure it will be at a much slower pace than the Utah trip.  At least that is the plan... I can never make guarantees cause when I hit the trail I just can't turn off the desire to see around the next bend!!

~ Happy Trails ~


  1. Nice looking little kayak. I must admit my very favorite part of Full Timing is that all the time can be outdoor time if I want and I nearly always parked in a beautiful place. Your upcoming plan for lake, waterfall and hiking sounds great. Hailey is one lucky girl. Hope she realizes just how lucky.

  2. Those sound like wonderful plans. If you need good waterfall hikes in the Pacific Northwest, let me know. We've hiked to them for over 30 years. Used to take our kids waterfall hiking; a nice reward on a hot water.

  3. So nice to have plans. I thought of leaving early next week and then all the fires broke out and I remembered and eye apt. end of June.

    Hope you and Hailey have fun on the water.

  4. What a great little kayak! How long does it take to inflate (and deflate)? Good luck and stay safe on your summer travels...