Saturday, May 24, 2014

One of Those Days....

You know  those days…. everything you touch turns out wrong.  The kind of day that makes you want a start over but instead it keeps going on and on with everything turning out different than you imagined.  It is then that I start to remember the sweet little spot of my destination.  The place I can envision us for the long weekend.

My day starts at 7:00A.M. with the blare of the phone waking me up.  Nothing good ever comes of phones at wee hours….This time it is just a teenager ignoring quite phone hours that seems to exist only in my universe.  Normally I would already be up and running but last night was filled with… 

Last night I continued to dream on and off  that I would drive from spot to spot to find the old campground full sign hanging from the entrance post.  The dream continues with me finally returning to the house with my head hanging in defeat.  Somewhere during the night I decide if I can’t find a boondocking spot I  I would go back out to my friends house that is up for sale where I was driveway sitting for a bit last summer as it is at least in the woods near where I wanted to kayak and hike.  I should not even bother to try to sleep until I have these things figured out. 

So at least now I had a plan….

So let the fun begin…. off to the store to get the groceries so we will have food for the next few days.  Sounds easy enough, with a rough idea of a menu, I set out to accomplish…what turns out to be the impossible.  How many stores should it take to get food for 3 little days!!.
Apparently, a lot!! Some days when going to the grocery, everything goes perfectly, others every effort is with difficulty.  So after adjusting the menu when stores did not have menu items, and returning to the store for missing vital items I was off to a shaky start.
I hate shopping any day so shopping the day before a holiday weekend has to rank up there with a Never Do This lesson.  Some lessons are just hard to learn and bare repeating…. again and again.

At this point I was thinking… I really want to go…I’m not going to find a spot and this will have all been for nothing….Answer….. I REALLY WANT TO CAMP and I need a change of scenery… so if it comes to driveway camping in the woods…I’ll take it!

I did manage the trailer hook up on the first back up!!  What is with this.  Could it be that I’m learning something!!  It sure beat when I hooked up for the Utah in the rain and hail with wind blowing…. which took at least 1 and 1/2 hours of fun!  Hailey gets home from school and one more quick trip to the store for kitty litter and we are off!!    But finally there it is, the lake I was dreaming of….

A quiet little lake surrounded with trees, birds chirping and  yes,

 a place for us!!

Stay tuned for adventures at Hog Lake!


  1. What a beautiful lake - have a great weekend!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend at that beautiful lake