Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day Dreaming in Glenn's Ferry Idaho

We spent a big travel day from below Salt Lake on up to Glenn's Ferry Idaho.  We pulled into Glenn's Ferry with the State Park as our Destination for the night.  Friday nite is not a good time to just show up at a State Park in Glenn's Ferry obviously.  It must be a popular spot as it was all fully reserved.

We passed a winery on the way that had vacancies so back we went and tucked in for the night.  It came equipped with a vineyard, tasting room, golf course and restaurant.     

I've never been part of the golf club set so this was not the place I would generally plan a stop.  But it was a quiet place to spend the night and then we were on to explore Glenn's Ferry in the morning.  Since we needed no hook ups cost....$ 15.


 History buffs will find Glenn's Ferry an interesting place to explore.  It is an important stop along the Oregon Trail as early travelers had to cross the Snake River.  Many wagons and stock were lost in the attempts to cross the widest river crossing the pioneers faced.

We headed into the little town for a look.  We drove up and down the historic little town checking out all the sights and sounds.


Obviously these town folks take great pride in their little town.  There were many historic buildings and the newest occupants have taken great pride to make the most of their history.

  I don't know of many towns that have a historic barn right on main street in town.

Often when driving through a town or city, I find it fun to  imagine if this would be a place that I could see myself living.  I like small historic towns, with a local grocery store, a doctors clinic and the essentials .with a city nearby for any major shopping or needs.

We enjoy driving through the streets looking to see what kind of housing is available.

Hailey likes a town that you can walk everywhere,
and it MUST have a Subway.

This cute little town had something that made it a special place in our hearts....
  A local bakery!

Darlene and David Gianelli

This locally bakery is owned and operated by a delightful husband and wife team that served up yummy chocolate donuts and turnovers along with friendly conversation.

They told us about another place we should check out in town.  So off we went... A sweet little RV park that fits right into the spirit of this little town.   It is owned by two little Sister on the Fly and has been turned into a place worthy of a frontier town.

The owners have been helping a local woman fix up her vintage trailer for an extended trip to find a new place to live after her time has taken some unexpected changes.

They have helped others fix their trailers and helped women get their lives back on track.

It's for sale!!  12083667745

We loved this place.  We could definitely see ourselves spending some time in this friendly place.

Rv's living right in the wild west.

Storage area where a number of Sisters on the Fly store their trailers during winter.

It was a great morning day dreaming about living in Glen's Ferry.  
Time to hit the road again........ 

Ten miles down the road and my mind begins to drift to dreaming about the next, new spot

Happy Trails!!


  1. OH I love Sisters on the Fly. Wish they weren't selling it. Your winery camp spot seems pretty sweet. $15 and no reservations. State and National Parks seem impossible for just showing up and getting a site these days. Especially on week-ends but lots of times during the week as well especially in the summer. SIGH...............

  2. I used to do the same thing, except I'd wonder, as we were driving by, "What in the world do the people DO all day?" Then I moved to Placerville, CA and found out. They just live their lives like we do, except they do it in a beautiful place. When I settle again, that's what I want, another little, pretty, friendly town. Hopefully. :)

  3. I didn't know Sisters on the Fly had a place there. Surprised it's for sale.
    I know I've mentioned before how much I love Old Towns with lots of History. Thank you for sharing