Thursday, May 1, 2014

Changing Gears - Homeward Bound

As we start this day my heart grows heavy leaving Capitol Reef.  We are in search of gas on our homeward trek and yet as we leave I am bidding adieu to the splendor I have grown to love.  I not only watch the changing scenery with admiration, but sadness as I know it will be long before I can return.

We stop for one last stop at the visitors center.

My heart is touched by a bookmark.

I do not buy the bookmark, but take only it's memory along with all the memories from this wonderful trip.

Then the goodbyes begin.

Goodbye to the unique history of the early settlers

Goodby to each geology formations, totally unique from the last
My mind reviews all the magnificent things I have seen.
All the moments that we have experienced. 

The ever changing color was more than I could have ever imagined.
My heart has been imprinted with it's beauty

  I stop at one last turn out and say one final goodbye.

We begin moving out of the stunning landscape and yet find much to look at and experience.

We begin moving past the vivid color that I had grown to love.

The splendidly colorful landscape is quickly becoming bland and predictable.


On occasion the mountains sport a glimpse of color only to be replaced with the shades of gray.  Life continues on in these ranches and little communities with smiling, hard working souls.

We look for a place for the night.  Nothing can compare with the beauty of the places we have been.  Finally we decide on  Yuba State Park 3 miles from the Highway 15.  It is by the water but it will just do....

The mountains stand as sentries guarding the beauty that I have witnessed in Utah.

 But the stark, bland, expanse lies between the guardians. 

We eat and settle in for a quiet restful night.  I awaken early with Lolita, bathed in a brilliant pink glow.

Out I go to the beach with my camera in hand to the most beautiful sunrise I have ever been witness to.


Then quickly, the sun was up and the day began.

I am again reminded of the beauty that surrounds us even in the moments we least expect.
I am open, I am receptive, I am alive with the beauty in my world.



  1. What a great adventure Hailey and you have had! I've really enjoyed following along and especially enjoyed the beautiful photography. Do you have a summer trip planned?

  2. When we think we can see nothing more than the places we left we find even more beauty around the next bend. Your adventure is not over yet as you head home. Enjoy the return trip and be safe as you go.

    Yes is there another trip planned?

  3. Gorgeous photos - and yes, that sunrise is so beautiful. I also love the little goat guy, he's so cute with his little beard, and ears, and horns, and tail and prancing feet. You and Hailey have made some wonderful memories - this trip was a fun experience for sure. You'll have many more! :)

  4. Love all your pictures even the bland seems beautiful to me. Love those water sunrise shots. So sorry you have to leave the road. How many more years until you are totally free again??

  5. Seems as if we are given what we need if we are open to it...and the sunrise bears that out. You & Hailey will treasure your memories of this trip.

  6. Working on plans for the summer.... not quite firmed up yet but oh my yes.... travel will be on the agenda!! Yes, Yes, Yes I felt the same way about the sunrise. It definitely reminded me that good things will come sometime even when I doubt it the most!