Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Off to a New Campground

There is nothing like the anticipation as you hit the road to move to a new site.

And  if the site happens to be in your childhood stomping grounds, chocked full of memories, all the better.  I am, however pushing myself to go beyond the familiar to new campgrounds that I have never been to before though as my journey is also about adding new experiences to my life book.

Peek a Boo View for the New Site
Watch for a future blog post that highlights the best places to stay with the fabulous 4 G internet service at Priest Lake!!

Today's tour, for me is a step back in time to Indian Creek Campground on Priest Lake.
I spent much of my growing up years camping at this campground with my Grandparents and parents.  So of course it has lots of memories that are thrown into my visit.   As is often the case, it is frequently difficult for reality to live up to you memories of a place.

Getting to the campground is immensely easier than the trips I experienced growing up.  Then it was a dirt, 23 miles of a washboard, hole infested, and dusty dirt road with, around each bend the possibility of a logging truck barreling at you at high rates of speed.  Today it is a paved, 2 lane road that is blissfully smooth with peek a boo views of the lake.  

The sandy beach at Indian Creek never fails to impress and is exactly as I remembered it.  It is probably the best beach on the lake and as such, beach and water sport lovers are gathered to take full advantage of the amenities.  I learned to swim and water ski right here at Indian Creek.  Lots of fun memories!  Lots of opportunities for families to make memories and recreate!

The creek has walking trails and trails that wind up the creek that still stir childhood memories.  

Some of the wildness has been removed in favor of safety and informational signage. 


Gone are the fallen logs to cross the creek and crawl on and also missing is the historic log flume.

In their place are logs that have been cut through and demonstration displays of how logs traveled down the mountain to the lake to be transported to saw mills.
Some of my best and worst days (like the day I was stung by 11 wild honey bee's after sitting on a log that housed their nest)  have been along this creek. 

It is still an enjoyable stroll though not quite the adventure of my memory. 

I was able to find one of my favorite sites where we camped in the past.  To enlarge the day use area all of the camping near the beach has been re-designated to be used by day use only. 

Location of Camp site from my childhood
While the site is longer in use as a campsite, the awesome view and my memories still remain.

Nothing remains the same

While I enjoyed visiting the past and viewing the changes, I am really at a different point in my life and enjoy different things today.  My explorer inner child has been set loose.

 So..... I'm off to new adventures and making new memories!!

Thanks for joining along !



  1. Wow, you sure have a nice looking campsite. I hardly ever put anything outside, and really enjoy seeing other sites all set up for outdoor cooking and relaxing. Beautiful area! :)

    1. I have really pared down but I enjoy having the homey atmosphere. And after all home is where ever I make it!

  2. Oh water skiing. I loved it as a kid. On a lake in Indian. I'd be afraid to go back there my memories are so wonderful. Glad you enjoyed your visit to a favorite place. On to your new favorite!

    1. It has been wonderful dust off the memories stored away in time. It has also been fun to experience new campgrounds in an area so steeped in my personal history. We are afterall a mix of the old and new.