Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moving On

I awoke to the sound of the pitter patter of rain on the trailer roof.

A good sound for sure.... just not on moving day.

I am so glad that I folded the patio mat and brought in the chair before the rain.  It will save me the travel time with wet gear.  It is always hard to leave the lake and a dreary day just matches my mood.

I will be watching for lulls in the rain to finish up the pack up before moving on down the road.

Last night I went for a drive and viewed the campgrounds on the west side of the lake.  They are all forest service campgrounds.  The campsites range from $8 - $10 with the discount.  I drove the loops to identify the campsites that have solar which is scarce in the dense forest.  Once you are camped at one of the forest service camps you are able to use any of the day use sites without additional cost.

I look back at my time at Priest Lake this summer and have recaptured many nostalgic moments from my youth with this extended visit to Priest Lake.

I was able to find the elusive huckleberries and created yummy treats.

Hiked some new beautiful hikes while creating new memories.

Treasured the quiet times and the family times shared with Auntie and Hailey.


There have been mountain highs and valley lows and many moments cascading between.

The trick it seems to me, is to cherish every moment breathing in deeply all the sights, the sounds and smells.  Yes, I need to be totally present and one with each moment, then carry it's precious memory with me as I move forward.

~Happy Trails~


  1. Your pictures are lovely and the words in your last paragraph are inspiring. You have such a wonderful attitude about life and its highs and lows. I know it will bring you happiness.