Sunday, August 4, 2013

Granddaughter on the Road

It has been fun showing Hailey some of the sights that I have discovered.  During her time with me at Lake Spokane I took her back up to check on osprey nest.  The eggs have hatched and babies now nearly ready to leave the nest.  

We had Auntie with us for a couple of days, so she was able to see the osprey also. 

While we were at Lake Spokane we heard of a fire across from our camp.  The fire was located near people we know in the area.  This photo was near the end of the fire.  We are always grateful to the efforts of fireman and women who risk their lives fighting fires.

We had a couple of smoky days and nights as the smoke settled down close to the water until there was enough wind  to move the smoke away.

Our back porch view

After the weekend we were the only campers other than the hosts.  So we let the kitties out during the morning to check out the place.  They had a ball.

Socks and Emmit

Emmit on the prowl

Spook posing for the camera

Checking out the kayak 

 Waiting for sunset, wrapped up in a good book.

While she loves, loves, loves the water, Hailey has been open to going anywhere and doing anything I suggest.  I see the explorer in her, which of course I can appreciate.


 The ending of another beautiful day.


  1. Such a wonderful experience for Hailey. (and the cats too) I just love your back porch view!

  2. We haven't had the nerve to let our cats out without being on leash. Do they roam very far?

  3. What a beautiful spot and that NEST - wow!!!!