Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kitties in the Dog House

Rules...... Rules...... Rules.....
Obviously, just because you don't live in a sticks and bricks house, there are still rules to be followed

And it seems we aren't doing a very good job of it.

We are staying in a National Campground and it seems one of the rules is that you can't leave your pets in the campground unattended. 

Not in your kennel.
                       Not even in the trailer. 


For that matter they aren't welcome at the beach either but then my feline buddies lack an appreciation for water follies so they aren't to upset about missing out at the beach.
Rock Heart


Our hosts are really sweet hearts so I don't have a beef with them.
There are always reasons for rules.... Even if I fail to see them.

Like them or not, the rules mean, this week when we have appointments in town, the kitties are getting way too much kennel time in the truck.

Unhappy Kitties!

Don't you just wonder what kind of runkus our kitties caused while I paddled at the beach?


What kind of restrictive rules have you encountered in your travels?


  1. Whoa, no pets unattended even in your trailer? That's pretty harsh. About the worst rule I've heard. Why does it apply to cats? Wow. Guess we'll never go there. (Or we won't tell them we have cats.)

  2. Maybe your cats can bark like dogs, as how else would they know (if the curtains were closed)? Except that Emmett - who knows what he has up his catsleeve. and has been up to.

  3. WOW not even cats unattended in your home? That seems pretty extreme. Your pictures here are beautiful.

  4. I leave Katie alone in The Palms if I go to town with someone in their car - unless it's going to be too hot. There must have been an issue with someone's pet - and now everyone is being punished. I wouldn't like that rule. If a camper leaves their pet alone and it's noisy, have the guts to talk to THAT person! Good Grief - can no one take responsibility for their own actions? It's cooler and more comfortable for our pets in our rigs than in our vehicles.

  5. Rules are made for several reason's... one of them is to be ignored when Soh-sigh-uh-tee... oversteps its authority to control and dictate...

    ... Leaving your critters in a safe and secure place, unattended... where they are happy? is nobody's business but your own.

    Barking dogs? yup, they need to be controlled... left out on a chain in the woods as bear bait... dumb... Forcing them to be carried in a car, in the summer, where they are far more at risk or uncomfortable? DUMBER ... but that's just a cranky old puss gut talkin...

  6. Never heard of such a rule but I'm sure there must be a reason. If you find out share it with us.

    Thanks for the pictures looks nice there.

  7. Oh I bet someone left pets unattended and it was hot. The blanket rule is the result.
    Your photos are so wonderful! I almost feel I'm seeing the scenes along with you!