Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Disasters Waiting to Happen

Guest Blog by Hailey

After a long camp out at Lake Spokane, we are headed off to Beaver Creek Campground in Idaho. But when we got there we were unable to find a campsite. So we talked to the host of the campsite and she calls a host who has campsites that are open at Luby Bay campsite. When we get there we have to drive around the campsite about 5 times before deciding on a spot.  We set up a basic camp in the dark and decided to finish in the morning.

So after a long morning of unpacking,we went on a drive to explore around the lake, but I learned do not, under any circumstance trust the maps a ranger gives to you.  We got turned around and went down the wrong road more times then I care to admit. So driving back towards the camp we decide to stop at the museum to see when they close and if they would be open tomorrow. Since they were going to be open tomorrow we went for a quick stop at the town library and bought some books, for you who haven't heard... I love, love, love to read any book I can get my hands on.

At the museum there was a lot of pictures and they had some movies you could watch on how the lake and land around it has changed over time. They had an exhibit on what the kitchens looked like in the older days and had the dinning table set for the meal.

Outside they had a bunch of mining tools.

Saturday there were many disasters waiting to happen. We decided to go explore the lower falls of Granite Falls and get some pics... to bad there was no trail where we wanted to go.

Instead we climbed on slippery rocks and across logs to get to the other side, but alas, our luck together was running thin.

When we tried to go along side the falls I slipped in to the water and got all wet.


After a long hike we made it farther up the trail to the Ancient Roosevelt Cedar Grove.

The tree was five of me around


It was amazingly peaceful and quite and not something you can experience in many places.

 Later that night my Nana asked me to turn off the stove outside. But unfortunately I didn't have a clue on what I was doing. So instead of turning the stove off I turned on the other burner... and set the whole stove on fire shooting out flames. Yelling at my Nana to tell her what I had done, she comes running out in her socks, because I was not able to speak clearly. Seeing the flames for herself, she ran back in the trailer and grabbed the oven mitt and turned it off. So in the end, not much damage done other than a broken burner.

Now....time...for FUN...KITTY PICTURES!!!!!

Whazzz Up?
Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?
Squirrels Anyone??


  1. Nice job on the blog post, Hailey! Try not to burn the forest down though. ;)

  2. Great post Hailey. Through it I found out that you and I have a lot in common. I love love love to read books and to visit waterfalls and to hug trees. Keep on having a great time with your Nana. Lucky you two to have each other.

  3. Nice job on the blog! Also - just wanted to tell you how clever you are...now I'll bet you'll get excused from all the cooking duties! LOL ... just kidding. Glad to hear you guys are having such a great time together!!!!

  4. I'm Sherry (Hall) in Oregon, BTW .... since it looks like there may be other Sherrys in the world!

  5. Love your post and the photos of the cats - especially Mr. Emmett. :)