Monday, August 26, 2013

Is it Good Luck or Bad?

I started the morning loading up the trailer after a gentle rain.

While picking up camp to better than new condition I found this.....

Now I'm not the superstitious type but even I know that tails indicates bad luck and I found 2, both tails up.  (Does that mean double bad luck?)

After fond farewells to beloved Priest Lake, I loaded up and headed down the highway.

Forty miles from the lake I hear what sounds like a gigantic blow out and huge bump coming from the rear of my rig.  The rig handles well while I pull our to the side of the road to check out the problem but I'm a mess.  First I checked all four tires on my truck, Little Hoss.  Every thing is as it should be.  I check out the tires on the trailer, they are fine also.

 So what could be the matter ?

Then I see the tail end of my trailer and damage that wasn't there before..

I'm searching through my recollections of the last few moments and didn't see anything on the roadway that I could have hit.  What could have happened.

I look down the highway from where I just was and see two cars stopped on the highway and they are standing around a tire mounted on a wheel on the side of the road.  I didn't see a wheel on the side of the road I went pas.  I consider myself an alert driver  and I can't believe I could have not seen something that large on the side of the road and then hit it.

A truck driver going the opposite direction saw me pull over and stopped to render assistance.   He went down and picked up the mounted tire that did not match any of my new tires and came back and checked out my rig.  The under side of my trailer had no other damage so we speculated for a bit what could have happened.  

I was still at loss to explain what could have happened.  He scratched his head and offered to take the tire and wheel to the dump on his next trip, so I agreed, not knowing what else to do.  He felt it was safe for me to travel on into town.  So on I went.

Later down the road I had a little thought of one last place to check...    I pulled over in a wide spot and checked the under side of my truck.

This is what I saw.....

Or rather what I didn't see.....
It took me a minute to realize what was missing.  What you should be seeing is a spare tire and wheel mounted on the under side of the truck.

It was gone...  zip....   nadda....  gone.
Somehow the tire came loose, dropped to the ground moving to the right corner of the trailer.  It appears metal bumper of the trailer frame cut the tire and kicked it up causing the trailer damage. 

Poor little Lolita.....

I guess I'm relieved that I am still what I consider an alert driver.  I was seriously doubting my driving abilities that I could have missed seeing something so large as a tire and wheel and then hit it with my trailer.

Geez, I couldn't make this stuff up.... All in the life of a vagabond traveler.

So I ask you.... was it bad luck or incredibly good luck?


  1. OH my goodness. What next for you? You just sent your spare tire to the dump. AND you have a repair to your trailer. Will your insurance cover either or both of them? Somehow a spare tire under your truck sounds like a bad design to me. I am sending BIG wishes for much good good good luck to come your way.

  2. Wow! I'm so glad you are okay! That could have been a doozey! Although, Lolita will need a repair. I too am sending good luck.

  3. Geeez! Sorry about Lolita, but glad you & your fur kids are ok! Hope you can get everything fixed up real quick & easily.... XXX

  4. I'm glad to hear that no one was hurt. Sorry you will have to deal with repairs. I never liked having s spare mounted underneath.


  5. Wow, when it rains it pours !!!! That could have been a terrible accident, especially with other cars involved ..... I'm with Sherry... The rim and tire are now in the dump !!!!
    Sure wish they were with you !!! Oh well, who knew ..... The way I see it regarding the pennies...... You are on the good side of luck, this could have been a lot worse ... A BIG check mark for GOOD LUCK !!!!!

  6. So sorry about your damage...ugh. I hope you will be able to get that fixed soon. I kept thinking you had a flat..I had one on my vintage trailer recently.

    I loved reading lots of your older posts...I'm a new follower. I am a Sister on the Fly and spend a lot of time glamping too.

  7. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I have often thought about that tire under my truck too. Of course I could not change a tire anymore but still that thing is way under there. To bad you didn't look under there when the trucker was there. It kinds of makes me wonder why the trucker didn't think to look under your truck. Hope Lolita will be as good as new soon.

  8. Ouch. Just one more adventure down the road of life, I guess. I think you need a new truck.

  9. Yikes! I'm so glad you're ok! I never thought of that happening--our spare's under our Ford Escape, too. I'll be sure to check it periodically. Hope it's an easy fix!!

  10. I'd say it's kinda like what pilots say; "Any crash you can walk away from is a good landing." ... or something to that affect. I'd call it pretty fortunate that it didn't send you spinning, or, involve somebody else. Nice bit of rig handling under adverse conditions.

    hmmmm... we were talking rigs... ;)

  11. Hearing the sound of a blowout followed by a huge bump, and seeing the damage on the tail end of your truck must have been quite scary. Thankfully, there were drivers who stopped and helped you check what caused it. It's good to know that there are people who would still help a stranger in times like this. Anyhow, the lost tire may be disappointing, but you can always replace it with a new one, and get some spares while you're at it. What’s more important is that you’re safe, and that you were on your way again soon after.

    Bradford Oliver @ Lacustoms Performance Products