Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Meet my Lolita

                This is my Lolita.
Check out my back door view!

I love Lolita and the freedom that comes with Lolita. She may not be my forever home on the road but for today, She is sweet.

Her body is a mere 13 ft long but the back door entry  and open floor plan makes her feel bigger inside.

I have looked at lots of trailers that are bigger, have more conveniences that I think I want.  But  the truth of the matter is, I haven't found any that I have liked better.  But still I look.  I look and find the 'perfect' trailer until I discover they are not so perfect (or sold).  But until I find that trailer she is my girl.

 Come on in and check her out!

I prefer the bed set up for impromptu naps

A tray set up for dinner is perfect

                                               We have even celebrated holidays in Lolita...

Ok..... I admit it,  I want a little of the luxury of modern trailers but I also want the charm and uniqueness of vintage. I definitely want a refrigerator. I have already added a microwave.  So I guess time will tell.  Will charm win out or convenience.  One thing is certain.  If my house sells, I will definitely hit the road with Lolita..  After all she has the old shoe comfort of home and after all she is mine (and she is paid for!)

Don't you love a good mystery?

What have you found you must have and what can you live without?


  1. I think Lolita is beautiful! I confess, however, that a fridge, stove, microwave and bathroom are essentials for me. Lolita seems so very homey that I bet you'll be comfy on the road until you find something that suits you for that lifestyle. :)

  2. Having things paid for is always a good thing.

    If you are happy with Lolita, that is what matters most.

    What I find I must have is my hubby and my health. We can live without a lot.


  3. Lolita is lovely...cozy and comfortable. And paid for is always good.

  4. I love your little paid for trailer. Now that I have a big 5er, I also want a cabover camper.

  5. Before you spend big bucks on a conventional propane refrigerator---consider the new chest type --compressor operated type like a whynter (sp)sold by home depot online. They are a marvel of efficiency, using very little power. (a critical factor on the road) Two of our people have and love them)
    Good luck in your transition.

  6. Your Lolita is really sweet. I love the charming western touches. Good for you to follow you dreams. I'm sure you have many good adventures waiting for you! I'm newly retired too and just bought a little 1969 trailer. My husband and I have enjoyed our first few outings with La Dee Dah and are getting the feel of glamping. We were always tenters. So even a tiny trailer seems lux.