Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We Can Do It!!

I lively discusion on RVSue's blog yesterday started me thinking.  (Here is the blog if you want to check it out)  http://rvsueandcrew.com/2012/10/15/choosing-the-blt-a-pet-peeve-and-i-have-a-camera-again/ 

Men were not born with the innate ability to back up trailers.  They learned the skills.  But first they believed that they could learn.  Other people in their life empowered that belief.

Solo woman travelers the world over probably share some personality traits such as strength of resolve,  resiliency and the belief that  WE CAN DO IT!  

Clearly, we all have a learning curve when we are doing something new.  That we feel fear is natural.  That we walk through the fear takes determination and problem solving skills that come from experience.  Experience and a continuing belief in myself has given me many tools to embrace my new life.

One of the best 'tools I ever used when traveling is a check list to make sure everything is completed before take off.  I had it laminated and it is along the seat with other navigation tools such as maps.  Whenever I have made a mistake and caused a problem it was because I didn't use the checklist.   It also brings me peace of mind that I have done everything to prepare for take off and landing.  After all NASA uses checklists.

My first trip solo to a women's' camping event caused enormous fear about my ability to back up my trailer into a spot with an audience.  Here is what another camper had to say about my entrance....

This newbie came flying in on Saturday afternoon and stopped and introduced herself…Karen with a Bichon too….same names and same dogs!  I love her back porch and the fact that she drove in with the wind chime still intact, hanging on the top of her trailer!
                  The Vintage Bag Lady: Sisters on the Fly on the Spokane River

You may have noted from her comments, I failed to use the checklist..... I didn't take down the 'artwork'.
Yes, I make mistakes.  But I learn.    WE CAN DO IT!

As far as backing up to the trailer and hooking up, my biggest issue had to do with cranking the trailer up and down since I broke my back 2 1/2 years ago.  I was considering a battery/electric hitch but discovered WD-40 fixed it right up.  This gal doesn't go anywhere without that and duct tape!   For me, backing up is 1/3 state of mind and 2/3 practice.
Some people crumble under pressure.... others preform at their best.
I am one of the later.
I backed into my spot, first try, no problem.

Which brings me to the most important tool, my state of mind. I am a firm believer of the saying ...If you believe you can't, you are Right!    I grew up in the fifties before the woman's movement allowed women to make choices about their own lives.  Young uns find it difficult to believe that  men and women grew up to fulfill predetermined  roles and that was the way it was.  I found myself at an early age accepting the limitations that roles dictated to me and the voice chanted in my own subconscious   Years later it occurred to me that if I continued repeat the chant in my own head, my life would be filled with NO'S.  Instead I choose to fill my life with YES'S. WE CAN DO IT

Getting ready for this move into full time RVing sets me on a new learning curve. Yes, I feel fear and I am learning many new lessons along the way.   Some time ago I picked up the lunch box which  remembers the Women's World War Motto.....  WE CAN DO IT!!   I recently started filling my box with positive statements, affirmations and lesson's learned.

Now when I am feeling fearful, I read the statements of positive thoughts and accomplishments.  As best sang by Helen Reddy,
I am Strong, I am Woman, Hear me Roar!



  1. Shortly after I began fulltiming, I was in a Staples store and purchased an "Easy" button. I give it a good punch every time I accomplish something that challenges my belief in myself. It feels good and makes me chuckle to hear the guy say, "That was Easy!"

  2. I have an easy button too. I makes me smile every time I push that button.... Maybe I can find room for it too!!

  3. My "We can do it" postcard reminds me every day what I can do if only I'm willing to try. Practice at anything makes better and confidence brings best. Life is a learning curve.

  4. Love your attitude. Keep those positive thoughts flowing.

  5. Great Post! I knew I should have brought that Easy Button with me. Love the story of the wind chimes and really love Sisters on the Fly!!

  6. This was a great post, very inspirational for us solo women! I read somewhere that failure is not when you get knocked down, but if you don't get back up. So I may get knocked down on occasion but I refuse to stay down. And learning new things helps keep our brains active! Cari

  7. The "We Can Do It" applies to so many areas of a woman's life. Thanks for the tip regarding the "affirmation box." I'm going to use it!

  8. I really liked this post. I have been doing some traveling but allowed myself to get off the path. I am now looking for a van to use as a camper. Your are a great inspiration as so many solo women are. I'll keep reading.
    Love Sisters on a Fly.

  9. I liked your positive attitude, and helpful hints. Guess I need an Easy Button.

  10. Thanks! I really really needed that! Not on the road yet, but my house is on the market so I can get the money to buy an RV - and there are dark moments when I wonder if I should be doing this at my age, solo. Guess I need to hang out with more solo grandmothers so I realize, we aren't all entirely alone. And wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, there I'll be...

  11. GREAT post! Love it...and you are so right...YOU CAN DO IT!! We all can!

  12. Yes, you can do it and attitude is so important. You've got it. I'm betting there might be more women out there traveling alone in RVs than men.

  13. Love your post and you are absolutely right, you can do it! It just takes the right attitude and practice.