Friday, October 12, 2012

The Plays and Days of Fall

 Nothing is as stimulating to your senses as a crisp fall day.

Blazing Colors

The gatherings

The sounds of laughing children

The Smells


The Fun!
               Drink in fleeting the moments of Autumn.  It never lasts long enough.


  1. I sure like the looks of your crisp fall day better than mine. It's snowing!

  2. I like your crisp fall day better than mine too. Leaves are brown and hanging on the trees. Unusual for here. Where's all the color??? They say some frost tonight. Maybe that will get things going.

  3. No EWS (Evil White Stuff) allowed!! I just hate it when the weather causes the leaves to go from green to brown without color.... I feel cheated!

  4. Great pictures and thoughts on autumn - everyone's favorite season.