Thursday, October 25, 2012

When you own your own Trailer Park... You have all the Fun!

Recently, I had my first garage sale ever.... Maybe my last!  These sad little fellows  were left overs that no one seemed to love.

But I have a new trailer friend and they will fit right in at their own little trailer park that they call Aluminum Acres. Malden, Illinois.  So today I'm packaging up the kids to travel off to there new home.
I know you want to see more soooo here are more pics of their new home. 

First of all meet Ginger where they of course will live.  And you have hit the jackpot... I even have inside pics!

Ginger, a 1959 Shasta

What a fun place to live!  But the fun doesn't end there..... Meet Bob the Burger.

Bob the Burger, a 1958 Hiawatha


   Isn't Bob the Yummiest!

 And one more cutie pie on today's visit.

Walter the Hippie, a 1965 Aristocrat  Lo Liner

Lots of fun... here with Walter!

 Which is your favorite on today's tour?

Somehow I don't thing this will be the last of the fun little trailers to come and live with Julia (Jules) and Norm Busch.  I hope one day to visit these little packages of fun.  Wouldn't you? 


  1. Oh these are FABULOUS! I want to live right inside such fun places. How did you find them and how can I see them. At this point, they are JUST what I need. Great post!! You brought a smile to my very tired face. Thanks Karen.

  2. I belong to a couple of Facebook one line communities.... This one came from A group The Loyal Order of the Glampers. The other that I really enjoy is a facebook page, Girl Camper which is from the Northwest and I have actually camped with these gals. I do enjoy seeing the campers and chatting with their owners. They always make me smile too!

  3. Gotta love those vintage trailers. I recognized the Shasta right off because of the "wings". Your cute little guys will just love their adopted home.

  4. I have to go check out those web sites. I'll probably never have one, but those little trailers are just so dang cute! Thanks for the photos.

  5. I like Bob the Burger on the outside, but Ginger on the inside.

  6. I love the Ginger Bread one. I love them all and I want one so bad. Thanks for sharing I will have to look these up.

  7. Those vintage trailers are darling and they keep the insides so perfect! Great photos! :)