Sunday, September 30, 2012

The John Day Painted Hills

The last part of our journey, but certainly not least of the John Day Fossil Beds tour was the Painted Hills.  Actually it was the very best part.  There are a several hikes to view the area.  Of course, I had to hike them to make sure I didn't miss anything.  LET NO GOOD HIKE GO UNHIKED! I had heard that the best time of day to view the hills is at sunset and that proved to be true.  It is as if the waning sunlight magically intensifies the colors with each passing minute.


A close up view of the popcorn soil
Resting waiting for sunset

The most ordinary looking hills in the distance belie the intensity that is beneath. Time and weathering reveal the magnificent colors that are beneath the surface. 

Sun setting on a smokey sky

A restful stop at the Spray Motel in the Elk room

Local Farmers create their own 'fossils'

A stop to view a sculpture made of horseshoes in Ritzville, WA


  1. Here we are... 2 people under doctors orders to rest... up at midnight reading and writing blogs... I never did follow Drs orders well!

  2. We hiked at John Day a couple years ago, but it was in the morning and already 90 degrees. Would love to go back and see it later in the day. Such beautiful colors!

  3. Good to see your take on the Painted Hills. Wished I'd seen those dinosaurs. So much to see, so little time.

  4. LOVE your hiking moto. That was always our goal - hike them all. Definitely a gorgeous place to do it.