Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Search of the Perfect Trailer

How does the old tale go...You must kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.  It must apply to finding the perfect trailer too. Obviously you have to look at a lot of toads.  And when you are looking at vintage trailers the task is even more difficult.  So I found a trailer on line that had all the right bones.  A refrigerator, full bathroom (not real common in vintage trailers) and 18 ft long.  So far so good.   It looked great in the pictures.(this should have been my first clue) So I drove 6 hours to look at a trailer.  Everything was in working order.... until I slid under the trailer.  So what did I find... HOLES.  Obviously the water systems had leaked and there were several baseball sized holes that went through the under body. Under the gray water tank was a hole 1 1/2 feet long.  At places the insulation was exposed and others the insulation was  missing entirely.  Now I know there are those handy persons out there that posses all the skills to fix that trailer.... but I am not one of them.  I checked with a trailer supply business and realized that I would be over my head.  Soooo, I had to pass on this one.  I know my limits.

By the way, I came home and checked out my little 13 ft Lolita and her underneath is completely solid!

I will find the trailer that will take me on my adventures but in the mean time, I see a lot of frogs in my future.



  1. Good luck with your search. Glad you are thorough. It's easy to get stuck with something that is nothing but problems.

  2. Have you checked to see if 'Ain't for city girls' may have a trailer for you?

  3. Or tincantourists.com? If I could find an 18' I would love it! Just saw the new Mini Winnie 19' at the Hershey RV show and it's a beauty. Not vintage but has everything including a big enough refrigerator for a full timer. That's my problem with the Casita and the RPod. Half a refrig won't do for a vegan. Gotta have all those fresh veggies ya' know! :-))

  4. I was able to find Ain't for City gals blog... but not any link to her business Camp. I am connected to lots of sites that sells vintage trailers... some restored some begging to be restored. Got to find the one that 'talks' to me. It happened before when I found my sweet little Lolita. I'm not a very patient shopper!