Saturday, September 22, 2012

All Things Old

Auntie and I zipped off on another trip to Oregon.  Yep, we were just there a month ago.  But business brought us to Oregon and of course finding time for fun is always a good thing.  So once business was done we decided to make a loop through the John Day National Recreation Area on our way home.  Eastern Oregon is a mix of Agriculture, ranching and much to my surprise logging.  Our journey started within about 20 miles of where we ended our journey last time at Baker City.

First stop Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Circle the wagons

 There were great displays full of information, a giant step back in time.

 I always promised myself an ice cream lunch.  Today was the day.....
       Chocolate peanut butter cup
       Cookie Dough
       Chocolate Brownie Fudge
                                                   Ummmmm Ummmm Good!!!

While I was browsing around in the local quilting shop I lost Auntie.  I found her buying dessert!!

Yep!  Buying Fudge!!

Baker City Hall

After lunch we toured around Baker City.  It is a Historic town with many interesting buildings on the National Historic Register.  Loving all things old, we did a driving tour to take in the sights.

Baker City Court HouseHis
Historic Geiser Hotel
Geiser Hotel has been the source of speculation and several documentaries of reported ghosts that have haunted the halls of the Hotel.

And last of course we did our tour of the historic houses where I take photo's of houses for sale....

Which would be your choose to live in?  

Baker City.... an old Frontier town that definitely impressed !



  1. I wouldn't want to clean any of them, so I guess I'll stay in my rig. :)

  2. I'm with Judy. BUT, if I couldn't travel in Winnona and someone wanted to give me free cleaning service for life then I'd take the one with the most bay windows and turret if you please!

    Ice cream for lunch is my kind of day. Those 3 would be my favorite flavors too AFTER Jamaica Me Crazy.