Friday, September 28, 2012

If not now....When

I really just started real planning last winter. I confided in my friend Barb, the seed of my dream of full-time RV living and travel.  It was the beginning. I started reading blogs to learn, learn, learn.  This Spring and Summer I have been getting many miles under my belt, experiencing life on the road and clarifying what I want and need in my trailer.    Now I am doing some of  the big steps to get on the move.... It can happen. But it takes more than dreaming.  I keep telling my friend Barb...
If not now, WHEN!          It has become my new Mantra!!

How often have I sat, paralyzed with fear, afraid to make the first move.  I have taken the first step, and the second and, the third, and and the forth, and I look back and I'm seeing progress.....

Some days I have been content to stay stuck in the mud, mired in debt and dreams of the past!  Some days I haven't been kind to myself.    But today... I feel the beginnings of the freedom I have heard others talk about.   I can feel the momentum of the snowball rolling on down the hill and I'm picking up speed.

Oh there is plenty to do but it is time to stop for a moment and celebrate.  I'm moving and it feels good!

Barb begins her journey Oct 3, 2012. 

It is time for a toast my friend!

"Here's to Us..... We're Terrific"


  1. Good blog. You are on your way. Stating your intention is the best first step after letting go of fear.

    Way to go.

  2. See you down the road in the near future! :)

  3. Hope to meet both you and Barb on the road one of these days.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Karen. You know how excited/scared I am right now. Here's to us! Here's to NOW!