Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Trip Back in Time...

Since we are crazy enough to go camping on Labor Day without reservations, we headed out on Wednesday to find a place to set up camp in the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.
When we headed out in the early afternoon I found my spirits soaring and myself humming the familiar, "On the road again tune".  However with each passing mile I found my 'will we find a spot anxiety' increasing .  We arrived about 3:00 in the afternoon and much to my surprise found that only a few of the spots that could not be reserved were taken.  We quickly chose a spot and registered in the Federal Campground using my Aunties Senior Discount for $5.00 per night at Fort Spokane Campground on the Columbia River.  Since my youngest daughter, husband and my 5 grandkids would be joining us, we settled in the largest spot we could find.

Soon, another camper with a vintage trailer pulled into the spot beside us.  Our two campers were the only vintage trailers in the campground for the entire 5 days. By Thursday afternoon, the campground was full for the rest of the holiday weekend.


After we went on a tour of our new 'neighborhood', we came back to settle down for the night and discovered that our new neighbor had brought over wood and set a fire up for us in the fire-ring.  

 Perfectly roasted marshmellows ended  the evening in our new home.

On Thursday, after rearranging our camp several times, we made a picnic lunch and set out to find Hawk Creek and check out the wildlife.

Hawk Creek is a tributary leading to the Columbia River south of Fort Spokane. Another campground is available at this sight although when we were there there was only one camper, who was pulling out.  I'm sure this changed as the more improved campgrounds filled up for the holiday weekend.

While we were at Hawk Creek we observed forrest service interns checking the netted area in the pond to measure the growth of this years Kokanee hatchlings (Salmon babies).   Soaring overhead were hawks and eagles, while blue herons and an assortment of ducks and canadian geese waded in the shallow waters and bask in the warm sunshine.

My kiddo discovered inch long baby frogs hopping on the mud near the creek.  One poor babe landed in his pocket by 'accident' and never made it to the water.

On Friday, after a great one pan breakfast of hashbrowns, ham, eggs topped with cheese, we again headed out with a picnic lunch to explore The Lake Roosevelt Federal Reserve.  We stopped at each campground and beach area along the way and after a beach picnic, decided that for this trip, we had chosen the perfect camping spot to meet out needs at Fort Spokane.   

When we returned to camp my daughter and family had arrived and had set up their tent.  After dinner, we attended a camp educational program about the early days of trappers at the Hudson Bay Company some of the first European Settlers in the area.

That is one big rattlesnake skin!

 The next day we attended a program on local snakes (by far the favorite program) of the kids.

                                                              and a program on sewing leather.

We walked among the ruins of Fort Spokane and imagined what the Fort was like through the three periods of use as a Fort, then Native American Boarding School and then finally as a Tuberculosis Sanitarium for Native Americans.

Horses were needed for fort life and travel in the early days.

Ovens smoked salmon and buffalo for long winters

After a busy weekend of exploring, kickball, swimming and fun

A turkey family bade us farewell.

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  1. Looks like a great way to spend the holiday weekend. :)