Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beach Time with a Friend

It has been a great week hanging out with friends on the Long Beach Peninsula. 

We have been friends for forty years and when we get is like time stood still and you take up where you left off.  We met when our children were little and we have shared all the highs and lows of parenthood and life.

So many times friends come and go in the different seasons of your life.  But some blend from one season to the next and become a permanent part of your heart.  Marge has long been such a friend.
                 During our time together, we visited several of the local beaches                 


We watched birds doing what birds do....

And fed a gull or two.....

A neighbor of my friend provided salmon and crab they caught.
We ate a wonderful dinner....3 hours out out of the water.
Marge made them a fresh blackberry pie.

After much prodding I actually tried something I had never done before.  I actually sewed on a sewing machine!  Not a big deal for some people, but I last used a machine in junior high.

With Marge guiding me, I finished a small little quilt from start to finish.

It rained some, we celebrated when the sun peaked through the clouds...
and we chased elusive sunsets....

Truly, every day spent with a good friend is a day well spent...

`~ Happy Trails ~


  1. My, MY, My . . . What a beautiful post. Your photos are lovely. My favorite is you running on the beach with the seagulls. If it where me in that photo, I would make a blow up and hang it on my wall. It is a wonderful reminder of a time of light-hearted fun and relaxation :)

  2. What a lovely post about a lovely time with a lovely friend. I love every beach scene and can just feel the contentment of two people happy to be together.

  3. What a wonderful time you all had.
    Haley looks like she is having a blast on the beach. To meet up and spend time with a friend of so many years in a blessing.