Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rainier in Her Glory

We are camped near Sunrise at the base of Mt Rainier at 4000 ft.  We left near 90 degree weather and am pleasantly surprised at the moderate temperatures here.  It has been in the low 80’s during the day, but needing a sweatshirt at night.

We are camped in the White River Campground at the Eastern base of Mt Rainer.
                     Bridge across the river  

Why is the river so white you may ask?
Particles the size and color of plaster are picked up by the water run off from the grinding movement of Emmons Glacier high on Mt Rainier. 



There are many hikes available throughout the park but most of them have great elevation changes so that makes it difficult for me.

My want to, is always lagging behind my can do. 
But we have certainly not been without plenty to do.  

We find many short hikes or begin many longer hikes and hike as far as I am able.  Since my desire is strong to hike I go farther than I probably should and am not getting much argument about returning.  It is all about pacing myself.

This is near the beginning of Wonderland Trail.  6.7 miles long

                DSCN5363-001          DSCN5346-001


With all the snow and glaciers still around, there is also plenty of streams to soak your tired feet if only for a second or two.

Every day requires a drive up to Sunrise and again Sunset for the views of course!!



                                                                                              Mt Adams from Mt Rainer at Sunrise Vista

Nite Nite!!

That’s all folks for today….. we’re getting up early for sunrise !!


  1. Very Cool, Rainer. When younger, Bobbie and I hiked the circumferential trail…5 days, 100 miles, of up and down, up and down. I lived on Gatorade and Snickers bars :) It seemed weird that timberline there is like 7500 feet, where as here in Colorado it's 11,000 feet.
    Box Canyon Mark

  2. Really beautiful Mountain ranges.

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  4. Think you have a spammer above me. I just read a post on Mt St. Helens and now Rainier. I am really wishing I was in the Pacific North West after all this. Looks heavenly there and cool too. Sunrise and sunset there must both be spectacular.

  5. Thanks for taking us to Rainier. Not sure we will make it there this summer.