Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Perfect Rainier Paradise

One of the things I have enjoyed about staying at North Fork Campground is how central the location is to many day trips.

We have been within driving distance to all three of the major volcanic mountains in south central Washington.

What a great place to come home to after a day of exploring. 
 It is lush and green, indeed a forest wonderland.

I am reminded not to sit too long.... moss grows fast and one never knows where the bodies are buried.  It seems that the longer we stay the more things we find to explore. 


Today's journey takes us back to Mt Rainier - This time to Paradise.

It is easy to forget that Rainier is an active Geological Force.  Even though there has not been an eruption in our lifetime, geological change continues to shape the landscape it dramatic ways.  Slides are active both with water and as a force as a avalanche of just rock, debris and vegetation.

 Later, water may continue to carve the landscape during Spring and summer thaws.

 One of the most photographed viewpoints of Mt Rainier,  at Reflection Lake.

I have been amazed of the photo opportunities that I have had for the mountain photo's.  While driving I would look at the skies wondering if the clouds would part and the mountains be visible and as we approached the clouds would disappear and the mountains appear for perfect photo's. 

We have been blessed with some great photo's to help us remember this trip.

Bear Grass

Snow, Snow, Everywhere.....

Glacier are alive and well in the Cascades.

There are several trails to explore directly from the meadows near the lodge and visitor center though many were not fully able to be explored due to the amount of snow still covering the meadows. 


 I loved seeing the flowers emerging as soon as the scow recedes.  Another couple of weeks and the meadows will be at their showy best.

Indian Paintbrush
Glacier Lilly

I would love to see the full bloom of flowers some day on Rainier at Paradise. 

Click on the arrow for Hailey's barefoot run through Paradise


Hailey's new Yeti Hat (aka Abominable Snowman) 

We are sorry to be leaving Rainier, I know that I could sit and stare out at the stunning scenery forever. 

Miss you  already Rainier...


  1. You got some beautiful photos! We'll get there one of these days.

  2. It is so hard to believe these are new photos with all that snow when it is 101 here. What a beautiful place.
    Love Hailey's new hat.
    Don't be sad it's time to see even more of out beautiful places.