Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mt Adams by Moonlight

It started out to be a lazy day in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  We are loving our camp at North Fork Campground on the Cispus River.


Hailey, as teenagers will, sleeps until I wake her.  I enjoyed the morning all to myself with plans to play around camp for the day.  Time for basin baths, shampoo’s and camp chores.  Every day isn’t a travel or exploring day.  But we do find time for fun every day.  The slowed down travel time is what makes our travels different from a fast-paced vacation.
Late morning is the time for best sun in this camp so it is the time for catching sunlight on the solar panel. 

I have discovered that more sunlight comes in during direct sun than can be stored in the battery so this is the time to recharge all the rechargeables; computer, phone, portable DVD player, batteries etc, and make sure the battery in Lolita for lights is toped off.  So that is the time to do camp chores as well.
It is hard to make dishes, and basin baths glamorous but we have fun with it just the same.   One consolation is that with a tiny house the chores don’t last long.The big thing that makes us feel better is hair shampoos.  Doing your hair in a sink is challenging but oh, so worth the effort!  We feel renewed!!

We read a little and later in the afternoon we mosey on down to our private little beach and play in the water.


After lunch the camp host comes by and visits a bit.  She mentions that it will be a full moon (hard to tell when you are deep in the forest).  I of course want pictures and she mentions the best viewing spot for pictures will be a Mt Adams at Takhlakh Lake (don’t expect any help with pronunciation of this Indian name) which is about 20 miles away.  The lake sits near the base of Mt Adams with a beautiful reflection of Mt Adams in the back round.

Plans for a lazy afternoon are off, spicy beans and veggie and rice dinner into the thermal cooker and we are headed through the forest on an adventure.…

We arrive to find kayakers on the lake, fisherman fishing from shore and ravaging mosquitoes biting on this idealic lake.

 People from the campground began to gather with their camp chairs to watch the evening show.  Others like myself came with dinner in toe, and armed with camera’s.

It wasn’t long after the sun set that the moon began to rise over the mountain.

The atmosphere was festive as if the participants were expecting fireworks.


Fireworks couldn’t have been more splendid!!


  1. Oh, you had me wishing that I was there, until you mentioned mosquitoes :)

  2. WOW is all I can say. What a swimming spot and what a mountain moon rise view. Those pictures look almost surreal. Such memories you two are making. I think this is a spot I'd better add to my incredibly long list of gorgeous places in this fantastic country. And note that full moon is the best time to go. Thanks so much!

  3. Great you sure did capture the heart of it all. Gorgeous!

  4. Wow! love the photos...I still can't get over how lucky Hailey is to have a grandma like you! What I would have given for that....does she realize how lucky she is? Most teenagers are clueless.