Friday, January 31, 2014

The Sky Cracked Open

The day started early and I needed to drive my Granddaughter to school early for Jazz Band.  As is my habit, I checked the sky out the first window that comes into view.  And low and behold.....

The Sky Cracked Open

Now this may not be a momentous occasion for those of you lazing in the warmth and sunny skies of Arizona but up here in the frigid north, it is an occasion to be celebrated with a country drive. 

How can you be disappointed driving down
Panorama Drive? 

Oh, the lighting wasn't perfect, but I was rewarded just the same with outstanding views of the winter sky . 

Sometimes there have been weeks and weeks of gray and dark clouds hovering.  And just when you feel the the clouds and darkness will last forever,  the sun comes out and a new day begins.

Does the length or depth of despair lead to more fully enjoying the joyous moments.

Does the length or depth of despair lead to more fully enjoying the joyous moments.

 It has been that way in my life at least.

It's hard to say what will happen with the winter weather as it can change in a moment,

But my motto is to grab every single moment and enjoy it completely. 

(This photo was not enhanced except for the addition of the frame.)

So that I don't miss moments like this..... that are gone in a flash.

~Happy Trails~


  1. I love the contrast of the bight red against all of the white snow in the barn photograph. Beautiful!

  2. I have to agree with the others the barn and snow are breath taking.
    We have had clouds and high winds and my eyes are itching like crazy.
    I wish we could get some rain and calm all this floating junk back down. Are we ever happy with our weather? :)