Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We got snogged!

I must remind myself it is winter and well winter is unpredictable.  I judge that partially by the fact the weather folks are never quite sure what will really happen.

One day I can be ecstatic that the sun is out and well the next day..... it's snog.

Snow + Fog = Snog

 But there is a different beauty in snog.  With snow the snow piles up on top of a surface leaving the underside barren.  With snog the the moisture encases the entire surfaces with crystals that would sparkle if we just had a little light to catch the reflection.


Weeping willows are beautiful in any season but they are stunning in winter. 

 With time on my hands, Auntie and I have started to make a place for myself here.  I have been moving furniture.... boxes, and assorted other stuff in the basement.  We are making a bedroom with a sitting area in the basement.    Compared to the size of my little trailer is is positively spacious.  We are also having some finishing work done on a bathroom next to my room.  I bought a new bed and it is comfy .  New carpeting and a new comforter and it will be a cheery nest for me during the winter months.  Pictures will follow once it is all complete.

We went five days without seeing even a glimpse.  No blue sky,  No puffy clouds....
         Just Fog, Fog, Fog!

Even though the sun has not been out......

 A little buddy did come out to play and have a little snack.

 Yet another little life lesson for me......

Find beauty and peace whatever you are.

~ Happy Trails ~ 


  1. The snog is so beautiful! Your space sounds like it'll be nice and cozy - a good place to wait out the winter and the next few years until you're free to travel all of the time.

  2. Did you coin that word??? - Very good. I love snog. The weeping willow is absolutely beautiful! In Camino, CA I had a large walnut tree outside the kitchen window. In the winter when it snowed, it was beautiful in the same way.

    Everyone needs their own space. I'd go nuts if I didn't have an area for myself. I'm so glad you guys are carving out a space for you. Can't wait to see it when you're done! :)

  3. Outstanding photos. I LOVE the second photo best. It looks like snog fireworks! Print and frame those photos...they'd be great for winter wall decor. Really great eye to make artwork from the snog.

  4. Lovely photos of your snoggy day. Glad you are making a cozy homebase. I am hoping that when my daughter buys another house that they will make a place for me to stay. At her Colorado house I had my own bedroom/bath in the basement.

  5. How about some photos of your little nest? Very wise to have some separate privet space.

  6. I have never seen snog like that before it is so beautiful. Yes you should print them out and frame them.

    It will be great to have a space of your own. I don't know what size the windows are but if you bought or found and old window with the small block type windows and put mirror behind it hang it one the wall with a plant across from it will give the appears of a nice size window with a green view. I didn't think this up on my own I saw it in a model apt. one. Wish I did come up with it. :)