Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Dreaming

It's to cold for camping in these parts and the sky is still completely gray with no sign of the sun .  But its not to cold for RV dreaming.  My granddaughter and I checked out the RV Show and started  dreaming for next years home.

Both inside and out there were trailers and motor homes everywhere at the fairgrounds.  There was plenty of options to choose from.  There were huge motor homes, huge 5th wheels, long, and long trailers

This motor home would fit the whole neighbor hood....if that is what you want.

A full size Fridge and a fireplace under the
desk/ table to keep you toasty.

Not my idea of my next 'little' home.

If money (and gas) weren't an issue, I found one huge baby that I could love...

This one is bright and filled with light and comes with it's own cowboy!!

            I already have a truck,  So maybe a new camper...

A camper out of Canada was getting lots of attention.  They had campers that fit half ton trucks starting at 1600 pounds.  Oh, and $18,000........  

This is a cute little number and you certainly don't have to worry about the neighborhood tagging along. 

Definitely not room for even one more.
 Sorry Hailey!

I even found an Airstream Silver Cloud that I could love....

 Just not for $68,000!

There was a circus like atmosphere complete with bright lights and announcements over a loud speaker announcing the next new owner of a brand new RV.  And you could be the next lucky buyer.

Now this is more up my alley.......... 


Check out the black and white checked floor.

The floor looks retro.... but the rest of the trailer has plastic coated walls and could just as easily been from any other of the new styled trailers.

 There seemed to be something for everyone except me. 

We came home from the RV show without a new little home, but do have a check book fully in tack except for the stop at Subway for a little lunch. 
And the search goes on.

Yup, winter days are full of Summer dreams.

What makes a perfect home on wheels for you?



  1. We have an almost new Class C and Joe still likes to go to the RV Shows

  2. I remember going to winter RV shows before we were ever on the road. Sure stirs the imagination & raises excitement levels. Always ground my frustration gears as well knowing we couldn't afford anything yet & still had some working years ahead of us. Don't think we ever saw a perfect rig but some had to be close. We've had 3 Class C's, 1 fifth wheel, 1 travel trailer, & 1 Class A. I've had a couple Camper Vans. as well. They all seemed about perfect at the time & maybe they were but likes & needs change just as habits & destinations change as well. We've always tried to keep pace with our ever changing lifestyle wants & desires..........

  3. I saw a nice vintage trailer over on Francis yesterday...the East end. It's one of those silver ones, not sure if it was an Airstream....$3500. Probably needs work.....

  4. I still love the Class b vans. But the little Casita's or scamps are great too