Saturday, February 1, 2014

SeaHawk Fever

I am not a football fanatic who can watch game after game no matter who is playing.  I have heard said, women often become attached to a team by a human interest angle centered around a player.  That is certainly how it worked for me, as I have  tended to not getting involved in watching a game, unless of course a team or players that captured my heart is playing.

The Seahawks have always been one of those teams. Steve Largent, a great receiver for the Seahawks, sparked my interest in the team as a great player and father (of a child with a disability), as he supported disability causes that were close to his heart.  From those early days on, Seattle has been my team.

The weeks leading up to this years Super Bowl have ignited a frenzy of fan support that can be seen all over Washington, and indeed the US.   
 The Empire State Building has turned Blue and Green.


Not only are Seahawk fans seen everywhere, they cause the earth to move.

Seismologists say Seahawks fans shook the ground under Seattle's CenturyLink Field during the January 14,2013 New Orleans Saints  playoff game causing another fan-generated earthquake.

Boeing is flying the Seahawks colors high over Washington.

The Boeing painted a 747 freighter with the team logo and the Number 12 on the tail to salute the fans.  The plane rolled out of a hangar Wednesday at Paine Field in Everett. It flew to Boeing Field in Seattle on Thursday for a brief stop and then took off to fly a 12 pattern over Eastern Washington.

 Seahawk fans in Spokane filled the local baseball stadium today to support their team.   A helicopter overhead snapped the picture.

Avista Stadium 12

My nephews wife and family are die hard fans and were present for the above 12th man photo

Photo: Spokane 12's, 12ing at 12:12.  #GoHawks!!!

 Cousins in our family got together for a little pre-game warm-up for the littlest fans. 

Seahwawks vs Broncos

Madsen 12th Man_013

More pics of this family event are at this link by the photographer in the family Crystal.

One thing can be said for sure, SeaHawk Fever is alive and well.... everywhere.
I have a bad case of Seahawk Fever !!

Come Sunday,  we'll be watching..... Let the Earth Move!!

~ Go Hawks !! ~


  1. I am not a fan of foot ball unless I am right there. TV games to me are not real. Just another one of my cracks I guess lol. But the Empire building sure looks cool.

    Today my other no fans will go out to lunch and then back to my house for a non foot ball GTG. The TV will be on but no sound just to see the commercials something usually found to be annoying when watching regular TV. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Congratulations to your Seahawks!
    I enjoyed reading your posts and viewing your beautiful pictures!
    Seems like you are planning a trip to Utah. Wish I could give you personal suggestions. I saw some national and state parks (especially in the West, Utah and NM) listed on The The author writes and lives in her camper. The site says it uses "cookies" so I did not send a link. I'm sure you can find Internet info. Enjoy (and share) your journeys!