Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey, Grey

Just how long can one go without seeing the sun without their very mood turning grey as well.  I have given up counting the days we have had without sun.  It has become a blur of grey days.

 It's been grey, grey, grey.

Surprisingly, I have not found myself feeling depressed.  I am still spending a considerable time each as often as possible even if it's a quick walk around the park.  I'm sure that has helped as well.   Send me on a drive on a bumpy, gravel, narrow, four wheel drive up the side of a mountain and I'm good..... throw in a little ice and snow and I'm DONE.

Even when the weather has not been allowing much outdoor time I have been finding plenty to keep myself busy indoors.  I have always enjoyed crafts and found an outlet for some of the energy.

There is a quilting group at the church where we have been attending.  They make quilts for homeless people and baby quilts.  They are not the great creative endeavors that I think of when I think of quilts but it has been fun. Since I have never quilted before I have been getting odd jobs like adding yarn ties to the quilt. I brought one home and have been working on it.

I have a ways to go before it's done but there are plenty of grey days to fill.

Auntie has been down in Arizona enjoying the weather and a tour for the last few days.... That is always the problem with a vacation.   It is always to few days.  She loved it and was not ready to come home to.....

Fog, Snog, and now Snow........

Is white a shade of grey?

(p.s. I'm loving all your tales of travels.)    
~ Happy Trails~


  1. I think it would be weeks and weeks of grey days before I'd ever start working on a quilt! :)

  2. Clever title!

    Good photos of the snow (in shades of grey).


  3. Liked that photo of those water pipes & valves. Nice assortment of soft colors against a snowy background. Grey days get me down mighty quick so for me sunny Arizona is a must..

  4. I know your sick of the grey, grey and white days but your pictures are beautiful.
    I'm happy you found the quilting at the Church. Crafts are a good way to fill time in doors.

  5. Glad to hear you are quilting! When I stay busy I don't have the time to look at the grey. Have you thought about joining Bible Study Fellowship? And yes white is a shade of grey

  6. oh no, reminded me of something.......send snail mail address please!