Thursday, October 31, 2013

Treats NO Tricks

Halloween has always been one of my favorite Holidays.  

Spook waiting for the fun to begin

Maybe it's the kid in me but I have always enjoyed getting ready for all the fun of the day.

I have always decorated the yard even when we lived in the country and had few Trick or Treaters.  It was just part of the fun.  But these days I  am not interested in creating a new stash of stuff.  It was too hard to get rid of everything!

Hailey cut the Jack-O-Lantern the old fashioned way with a knife.
So my decorations are slim since I downsized and dismantled my house and decoration stash.  But the fun continues in new ways with new memories.


Hailey and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.  I think I like this neighborhood.There are some spooky neighbors!!


Hailey posing around the  HOOD....


                                                   Hailey and Missy are ready!!

The reason for the season

The Candy is ready for treaters.....


The neighborhood

Hope you had a SPOOKYWEEN !!



  1. WOW you live in a great neighborhood. I've never seen one decorated up so well for Halloween. What fun!! Can't wait to see what they do in December. Great pictures!!

    1. I can't wait to see it either. The neighbors with the biggest display has whole rooms devoted to holiday deco storage.

  2. What a great neighborhood! My first trick or treater was a DOG! The doorbell rang, I opened the door, and a big yellow lab stuck his nose inside. There were two kids and their parents, and I told them that dog disguise was the best ever. LOL After I ran out of candy, I put the halloween bowl on the front step with a sign saying to put candy in it, but somebody took it instead. :)

    1. Great story! Yep, Halloween is the best!!

  3. Oh how much fun for everyone & you give away GOOD candy too! Yum!

  4. great decorations I have never seen such around here. what fun