Monday, October 14, 2013

Bumblebee Meadows - Returned to Past Glory

The Northwest has it's share of people who love to get out in the wild.  Meaning no campgrounds... rules, fees and services.   National Forests currently provide a way to merge the two groups of people if we don't use them to death.

Bumblebee Meadows is just such a place.


There is a National Forest Campground in the Northern Idaho Panhandle named of Bumblebee Campground.  It operates on a reservation system which works well for the planning type of camper.  It is such a popular campground that it is reserved almost all summer long but it has no access to the creek or river.

Just down the road within 3 miles there are several other boondocking spots had are great spots for camping along a creek including Bumblebee Meadows.

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But it hasn't always been this way. Prior to 2007 this wonderful spot was literally used to death.  Years of camping use also acculturated years worth of garbage and filth left behind. 
If you want to check out more about this transformation check out this article. 

 The massive cleanup provided a second chance for this popular spot.

The changes are remarkable.  

We checked on Bumblebee Meadows to see how it has fared these past few years.   It is a beautiful spot with a camp host and pit toilet.


The deep forest provides a canopy of green to shelter  from the blazing sun and the best part is it is FREE, FREE, FREE.

 It is a short drive to a popular shallow river perfect for a float trip on a hot summer day.  Weekends are busy times on the river.

But now, summer heat has slipped away and fall is edging into view. The nearby creek providing the  sounds of babbling water for moments of quiet solace  and the rustling of drying leaves.

While it can be a busy place on weekends during the summer, fall finds it quiet and peaceful.  Later in the Fall, it becomes busy again heralding the arrival of hunters with ATV's and the smokey camp fires of hunting camps. 

We always enjoy checking out the little trails to the nearby creek.  And as always we go for drives to explore the nearby areas. 


We don't even mind an occasional sprinkle....
It is all good.

 We were so pleased to see condition of the meadows being maintained.  It speaks to the appreciation campers have for this area. It is my hope that future campers continue to maintain the beauty of this place for all to enjoy.

We break out our garbage bags and add our efforts to maintaining the meadows for future campers to enjoy.  I don't understand people leaving behind garbage when they have been privileged to enjoy the beauty of such a place.  So we practice the Pack it Out principal and add their garbage to our bag and off we go.


On the way home we pass one of my favorite spots.... The Snake Pit was a colorful local place to eat, sit in front of the fire, play pool and visit with locals.   The long time previous owner passed away last year and this great place sits empty waiting for it's next owner.  It could be you!! 


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful spot. I didn't know that there was boondocking in Idaho! I surely will mark it down.

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place. The water looks so clean and refreshing. It was nice outing for all of you I'm sure.

    Hope someone buys that restaurant what a delightful looking place.