Friday, October 18, 2013

Ordinary Days....Extraordinary Moments

Autumn's Last Blooms

Thursday have become one of my favorite days as I take my Granddaughter to an early morning appointment at 8:00 AM.   I am out of the house at an early hour and I make the most of every second.

A perfect sunrise

I have been touring the city sites and often a quick trip to my favorite, Trader Joe's to check out the newest arrivals to add to our pantry.

Fall flowers are fading and next will be brilliant falling leaves.  I really do try to make the most of this time of year as winter does seem to go on forever in it's dreary grayness.

Autumn Reflections

Fall's Last Harrah

Party leftovers
I'm confused, Is it Spring or Fall?

What a beautiful place for a quiet moment or a secret tea party.

I am fortunate to have many places to retreat when I need to to fill up an empty inner spot. 

What kind of places do you go to when you need to replenish yourself?


  1. Oh the flowers are so pretty. Here we can have flowers in the winter as long as they are moveable and can be covered when we get our occasional freeze.

    There are so many places I like to go to. Near hear is Madera Canyon, there is a spot at a resort type place that has lots of bird feeders and humming bird feeders. I can spend hours there. I am planning a camping trip there soon.

  2. "What kind of places do you go to when you need to replenish yourself?"

    Your blog is one of them. :)