Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Leaves Are Not the Only Changes

I spent a year getting ready for my great adventure.  I changed everything about my life.  After 38 years as a foster parent, I said goodbye to my last Foster Child.  I sold my 5 bedroom house.  I found homes for all the remaining farm animals.  Life was changing in a big way.

I started my great adventure living life big, in a tiny vintage trailer on the road.  Any lingering doubts or fears of how I would adjust to all the changes in my life were unfounded. The freedom was incredible. For the first time in my life to wake up in the morning and just ask my self.... What do you want to do today? Having the freedom to consider the options and just do it has been life altering.    I grew comfortable with time spent alone.  I have loved it.

I just barely got started when life changed... Family needs grounded me back to a single spot.  I am doing what I feel I need to do but I wondered how I would adjust to the changes in my life.

                                                         Maybe you have too.

So I found myself having planned for one adventure and find myself now on a path to a very different adventure.   In some ways it has been a difficult journey... Parenting a teenager is never easy,  but when it's one you love AND they need you, it does come with rewards.

I have felt every emotion listed in the grief process (some many, many, more times than once).  Maybe I'm not done with them yet.


Sometimes I feel like I don't even know what I'm looking at.  And then it becomes clear....

With each change there are challenges, but there are blessing too.  And there have been blessings.  I clearly have an opportunity to spend some quality time with my Auntie and Granddaughter.  We may be a unlikely trio in some peoples minds but we are meeting needs of each other and having fun along the way....  

 Did I forget to mention the fun!!  

In finding ways to make my life work, I haven't given up on my dream.  It just has to look different for the time being.  We are making time for adventures.  (I hope you are still tagging along) 

Life always works better for me when I'm spending time in Nature.
So we are making plenty of time to soak up nature.

I am also working on getting my life ready for the day when I can spend more time on the road.  I have changed Little Hoss in for BIG Hoss.  Which means  I am now looking looking for a larger 
trailer now that I have a Big Truck to do all that heavy duty work!

          I'm not waiting for dreams to come true,  (You never now what will happen)
                                  but rather I'm going to make dreams come true every day.

We are headed out for a three day adventure tomorrow.   Let the fun begin!!

The End

(All photo's were from Bumblebee Meadows, a favorite boondocking spot in Northern Idaho near Kingston Idaho.)


  1. It's always about the journey. I admire yours. Teenagers need all the love & support we can give them. Love your photos. A new site for my Travel list.

  2. Such great photos. I hope those for whom you are so open heartedly deferring your dream are very grateful and appreciative of your love.

  3. Lovely spot, great pictures. Life does take unexpected twists and turns. You will find the path again. In the mean time enjoy this side excursion.

  4. Go with The River, it gets difficult to swim against the current at our age.
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. You are meant to do this next adventure with family. When the time is right it will fall into place once again.
    In the meantime you can all enjoy the world of nature together and follow new paths along the way.
    Best to you All

  6. Your can-do attitude will take you through whatever comes your way, and with finesse!

  7. I'm glad you had a brief chance to live your dream alone, doing exactly what you want. At least you know you loved it, and will return when you can.

    Will you be bringing Auntie and Granddaughter with you on RVing trips? I'll bet you can get some short trips on the road alone to have little breaks. You're a good person, very unselfish, and your family is lucky to have you in the clan. :)

  8. Thank-you so much for the words of encouragement. They mean a great deal to me. I will keep putting in place the footwork for the life I long for and also take every opportunity to live the dream today.
    I love the visual of Go with the river.... It sure does fit!!
    RV trips with Auntie and granddaughter will definitely be in our future. Three little words. "Love you Nana", make all the difference in the world.

  9. There are no guarantees with this life we have. You are going with the flow and its great that you are taking the time to spend in nature. Taking small trips together is a wonderful idea.

  10. You are admirable for what you've done for others! Yes, there are adventures still to be found locally until the day comes that you once again, can hit the road. Gorgeous photos!

  11. You know... If you hold with the teachings of Samuel Clements, imbuing your Granddaughter with a hunger to travel... should vaccinate her against an infection of prejudice! :) and it'll get you out there a bit here and there as she's catching the gypsy bug ;)