Monday, September 16, 2013

Weather Storms and Life Storms

The weather storms of the past few days are a reminder that we humans also weather storms.

I consider myself to be a life long wanderer.  It is part of who  I am.

My spirit seems happiest when I close the truck door and turn the key to explore parts unknown.  Sometimes I have felt I have chosen my life circumstances, other times circumstances have chosen me.

 It is up to me to make the happiness in the circumstances of each day.

 As a child my spirit felt most alive when hiking trails overlooking the valley of my home where I lived most of my childhood.  At times I basked in the comforting sun on a flat rock which often became my lunch spot, drinking in the familiar views.   Other times, I pushed onward, hiking trails to parts unknown filled with the excitement of discovery.

Our family vacationed most years at the same campground on the same lake.  We went on a couple of 'big' car trips to Glacier and Yellowstone and also a big loop trip to California.   Again, I felt most alive when hiking and experiencing both the comforting familiar and the discovery of places unknown.

 It is one of the reasons why RV life fits so well for me.

Combining both the comfort of the familiar and the exploring the unknown seems to bring me the most contentment.

I have made other discoveries about my current life circumstances.   Even living in the now involves a 'come to recognize' moment when I recognize there are choices available in the present.             

It all depends on my focus. A turn to the left we see all that is wrong or skewed with our life.   A tiny turn to the right the focus brings us a new reality.
 What is the truth?


 I need adventure in my life.

The trick seems to be in finding the way to find the happiness in the circumstances we currently live in.  I need to determine the focus and find adventure in everyday moments whether I travel 1 mile or one hundred.  It is not the mileage or the particular roof overhead.  It is the wandering spirit and how I embrace life.

 I wish I could claim these amazing photo's of a Incoming Dust Storm 9-15-13
These were taken by Allen Birdsell in Spokane, Washington at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

These photo's and words below are used with his permission 

This was an advancing front and I managed to grab these few snaps from before I was over taken by high winds and raining mud, yes it rained mud. I have never experienced anything quite like this before. These pics were taken over a period of only a few minutes as this front moved like a living beast swallowing the entire cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley. 
Not ONE bolt of lightning, DAMMIT!


  1. Those are awesome pictures and good words to remember.
    I love your friends words about your tires. LOL
    First thing I did was put good tires on my truck and heavy duty everything.

  2. Crazy photos! Had a storm like that a few years back in Moab - the sky turned red. The rainclouds were carrying red dust, and the rain was as red as could be. Everything was colored with red afterwards. It was eerie.

    Adventure is the only way to live! But not in too big of doses... :)

  3. Wow, I've never seen a storm like that. The photos are amazing, but in that case, better taken by someone else! I grew up in the country in a big family. But I loved to wander off by myself, taking hikes & such. Discovering creeks, woods, barren land, etc. I remember one time, thought I saw a kitty. I'm calling, here kitty, here kitty had a stripe. good thing it ignored me!!!

  4. A thoughtful post :) Very true...
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. Lovely thoughts! And beautiful photos! I live in Cheney and it was an amazing storm and I have the mud all over my windows. Wish I could have gotten some photos of it but it was just dark here.