Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello God, It's Me

Two days of dealing with bureaucracies  makes me feel  like dropping right out of of life  In the past I have 'fondly' referred to Social Security as SS.  I was fully prepared to rethink my harsh thoughts of this agency as I received my first Social Security check a few months ago without a hitch.
I couldn't have been happier.

I stopped by for an afternoon visit to update my info.... a new address and a new bank account number for my social security to be deposited in.

Sounds simple enough right?

Not so.... I waited for my number to come up for over an hour.  Not a way to start off in a positive frame of mind.  Fortunately, the lady helping me was pleasant, which helped me keep my cool.

You begin the process proving you are who you say you are.
Unfortunately, I had been to Drivers Licensing Division earlier in the week to update my address to them as well. So I had a paper license with new (but yucky) picture on it and my previous drivers license with a hole punched in it with my picture on it.  But no, that would not qualify as adequate identification.  So next comes a whole series of questions.
Previous Address
Where did you live between May and September?
 (Oh Oh, the homeless thing again!!)

I answered with a chuckle, "Under a bridge".... (She actually laughed) 

Phone number, (which of course has also changed)  MORE QUESTIONS NEEDED

Mothers Maiden Name
City you were born in
Routing Number and Checking account number your check is deposited in.

Are you kidding me?

Since I can't give them all the needed information they can't verify my identity so we can't go any further. 

If I can't prove I'm me......who can???

I'm am now resigned towaiting till my new drivers license arrives, so I can take the picture ID in and we can begin again.

Hello God,  It is me......but I can't prove it.



  1. Too funny, although I'm sure you didn't think so at the time!

  2. It's an Intended obstacle course. There's a reason for that obstructing nature of bureaucracy;

    A certain "understood" % of people will simply say; "The benefits are not worth this degrading BS." ... and they walk away never to return... so the burro rats save the system that much cash.

    I've dealt with that reality with VA burro rats for thirty some years... Do some push ups, jumping jacks and deep knee bends, and then some visualization/meditation exercises... to get in great physical and mental shape for the coming fight! ;) then go back at 'em as soon as the fresh ID arrives!

  3. Never fear.... I shall return... with my Kindle for entertainment and a fresh coat of armor and resolve. Maybe I shall write a new Dr Seuss book.... "I'm me and I can prove it!"

    1. Next time walk in with a Coleman cooler and start chugging beers, while telling to take their'll wait as long as need.

  4. They like catching you up in the beauocracy cause then they can shuffle you over to their buddies in the medical industry who make money selling you drugs to calm you back down. LOL

  5. You mean you didn't face the same rig a ma role at the Driver's License office? Count yourself lucky. This was my experience, just bleep the curse words pls.

  6. Frustrating, but I'm with you about getting that check every month - wonderful! I worked all my life and contributed to SS, so I deserve it. But still, every month it feels like free money. :)

  7. I forgot to mention, when I arrived there were two armed guards... when I left there were three. Someone told them I had arrived!

  8. It is amazing that even with all this bureaucracy I'm told millions of people are collecting welfare and food stamps illegally. How in the world could that be possible if you can't even change your social security direct deposit.

  9. I did all mine on the phone or internet. Quite easy. Go to their webpage and check it out!