Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Afternoon Adventures

For some time when I wasn't on the road, I took Auntie on afternoon adventures.  I went to church with her and more often than not forgot to pack a lunch and just head out to parts unknown.  Often we just headed out in a direction to explore or sometimes we will head out for a particular destination such as a museum and then explored surrounding areas.

Yesterday was just such a day.  I had heard about a field of blooming sunflowers that were spectacular.....  It has become quite the  stopping place along the highway.

This was a stunning photo op.


What do you think? 

I have had my eye on a pub table with two bar stools at a local thrift store.  I threw out a fleece.  (Where I ask for a sign from the God regarding an important decision)
I returned on Friday to find the table and stools gone indicating that staying with Auntie with my
 Granddaughter is the right thing for now.  
Confirmation of a decision made. 

We have been driving around each of the local lakes looking for our slice of heaven.  You can never have to many camping spots in your book.  We always are looking for a nearby place to park our trailer and ourselves.  In addition I am quickly needing to find a place to store the trailer for winter so we are on the prowl for a great spot.  Most everything we have found has been well out of our price range.

While driving today we were checking out Deer Lake a small lake near Spokane. 
We drove the west side of the lake and discovered a small family owned area with beautiful grounds
There are beautiful expansive grounds in the day use area that surround the beach area which gives a very large area for the tenants to spread out. 

The only day that it has seemed crowded was, the 4th of July while people were waiting for the fireworks display over the lake, the owners commented.


Check out the lovely vintage trailers..... I would fit right in! 


There are four dock areas for tenants with boats that are surrounded by beaches.
Who needs a boat when your friends have boats!


It is only open 5 months a year but trailers are allowed to be stored on site through the winter months for the yearly charge  of $1800 and I do need a storage space.  That is an average of $150 per month.  But it is a wonderful summer lake destination that is close enough to allow lots of summer fun..  


The spots that are currently available are small but the beautiful shady day use area is spread out over a very large area.  I would be able to move to a different spot when one becomes available if I wished.

This is the only spot available that would work for me due to my back door.  On the left is the small paved patio area.  The truck parking would be to the left of the tree on the left.  The only adjoining neighbor (you can see their trailer in the above pic) are my new friends.

If I were to store my trailer there I would be able to take the trailer on trips and still have a beautiful site to return to.  Plus one of the owners has one of the little parking machines that would return Lolita to her spot perfectly.

Best of all it is only 35 miles from where are living. 
We paid the day use fees and decided to get a taste of the flavor of the place.  We nestled down on the beach and my granddaughter went for a swim.  I chatted with a couple on the beach and discovered that they are also caring for a young girl who is 9 years old.   

We sat on the beach sharing snacks and I noticed someone approaching the beach that looked familiar.  It turned out to be a  good friend from my previous life... a foster parent who's company I really enjoy.  It turns out that they bought one of the cutie vintage trailers a month ago.  Nicki asked if had seen another mutual friend.  Nope, I had not.  But she pointed her out on down the beach. 

I also found another person I knew from my working days.  

It's a small world after all....  

Nicki took me up to her vintage trailer.

You will never guess what I saw.... the bar table and 2 stools that had been my fleece.
Yes, indeed she had just bought it from the vintage store that I had been in.
Mind you, Spokane is not a tiny spec on the map.  The area sports a population of approximately 3/4 of a million people.  Just what were the odds that we would be 'eyeing' the same table and chairs.

Just more confirmation that I was traveling down the path I needed to be on for now.

More Decisions...... What ever shall I do!?!


  1. Too many "coincidences" not to be the right thing. will Lolita need to be covered for the winter or protected from critters seeking shelter??

    1. Yes, I would cover Lolita leaving the back door uncovered so I can check things out. My winter routine for critter patrol includes, moth balls under the trailer, bounce dryer sheets in all the cupboards (even if it doesn't work to keep critters at bay it smells good!) and Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent in the trailer. So far I haven't had trouble with mice..... but then I have kitties to take care of any little problems.

  2. Amazing, you seem to be on the right path. Hope all is going well.

  3. That place looks great....but I have to ask....how cold is that water? I'd love to dive in.

    1. It's not a really deep lake so it warms up quickly and stays warm all summer.

  4. It looks like the perfect place to me. Go for it - what could go wrong? A cool palce to hang out close to home. Perfect.

    1. I try never to ask ..... what could go wrong.... I certainly don't want to tempt the fates or Gods or anyone else who wants a good chuckle!!

  5. This looks perfect! God is so Goooood!

  6. wow, that is too cool. Looks like you may have found your slice of heaven! Wouldn't it be cool to have such a nice spot to go to. Great for Haley too! With is so close, you could scoot out there for the day if you wanted to, camp on weekends from now till they close. And a great storage place too! Sounds like a win-win! So thankful things are falling into place, reminding you of how good God is!

  7. Oh what a lovely place. Yes you sure were drawn to this place by something. Is your granddaughter settled in a new school now? Hope all goes well for all 3 of you wonderful ladies.

    1. School has started and that means the routines too. Pray for me.... I'll need it!!

  8. My mobile home, vintage would describe it I guess, is perfect for me, as is the mobile home park. There have been times in my life it wouldn't have, but for now living in the park is great. Of course I don't have the lake here, but I'm moving to the idea that I just don't have any permanent 'roots' and so what works now is fine.

    1. Boy, did you hit the nail on the head for me.... I sometimes think about every decision as right for wrong for all time. Instead it can just be right for this time and up for further review in the future.... Thanks, I'll hold on to that thought!!

  9. Sounds like this is a good plan for now and will offer a nice getaway. Peace to you.