Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moving Along Life's Little Detours

Life is full of surprises and unexpected turns.

I've certainly had my share.

Ok so life isn't going according to my master plan..... but this is the life that I have right now so I'm determined to make it the best that I can.... I'll find or make my fun along the way each day.  Sure it will need to 'fit' around the confines of my new life but many of the things that I love to do are available for me to do right here.  I just need to make the effort and find a way to make them work.

Hailey has started school and likes her new school and is busy making new friends.

In the mean time I am trying to make sure that my life keeps moving in preparation for the day that I am able to travel on my terms.  One part of that master plan requires me to trade in Little Hoss and get a truck that can haul a bigger trailer that will be more suitable for full time travel.  Little Hoss has been a great little truck but it is tired.  We have covered many miles around the Northwest.

I have known this day was coming and it has arrived. 

I have sought counsel from many people regarding the truck that could meet my needs.  I have spent far more time with car salesman than I care to admit.  But finally I have found a truck that will carry me into my future dreams.

Meet Big Hoss.

Hoss is 2006 a Dodge Ram with a 5.7 engine and has so much power it sometimes startles me.

The cover I had put on can be used with a fifth wheel as it folds up into thirds and stands up and snaps up behind the window.  After the trailer is  dropped off, the cover can then be dropped back into place and the contents of the truck bed are stored out of view.

The four doors allow plenty of cargo room and a flat surface to carry the cat kennels with the seat flipped up.   It should be a breeze to load the kennels in this larger space!
Best of all this truck has  very low miles and comes with a four year bumper to bumper maintenance agreement.  So now it is time to get out there and live my dreams.....



  1. So happy to hear some good news from your world. Hope you'll keep posting through this detour.

  2. This sounds like a great new plan. Beautiful truck! You'll be able to haul anything with it.

    Are there more changes coming? A larger trailer would probably give you more comfort for full-time living. Not everyone needs BIG, my little 24 foot Class C is perfect and very comfortable for me, but I wouldn't want it any smaller. :)

  3. That's a great looking truck. Is a 5er in your future plans based on what you said about the fold up bed lid?

  4. I will be eventually looking for a little larger trailer. I'm not sure if it will be a fifth wheel or bumper pull. But since the toppers can limit what you are able to do I decided to get a top that gives me the most options. I wanted a truck that would pull a bit larger trailer maybe about 21 feet. Bigger than that and it will limit where I can go. Anyway that is my thinking for today.

  5. Nice truck, I bought a Dodge Dakota much smaller than yours but a little power house for sure. I just wish I could have found a 4 door. I know things will work out for you, you made it happen once you can make it happen again. Happy Hailey is settled in at school and is happy there.

    BTW my camper shell gets installed tomorrow. YIPPEE!